My first dogsit on THS is in 12 days

Please wish me luck. I am normally a cat person. I want to keep my mind open and explore the path of dogs. Although it’s been a while, I’ve taken care of dogs before, just not as big as these. I read all the responsibilities and the HO assured me that they are such chill dogs - “the chillest dogs you’ll ever sit.” I feel quite confident but also a little nervous. The HO picked me almost immediately. :flushed:

I decided to especially go for it since it’s only two days. It’s two dogs. I also generally like huskies and labs, especially huskies.

I only have to walk them once a day at most because they have a spacious backyard for potty and a little exercise. That’s a plus. I hope they aren’t pullers with me. And that they are as chill as the owner claims.


Congratulations and good luck with your first sit! I’m sure you will do great. It sounds like a good way to break into both sitting and dogs.
Enjoy your time.
Dan and Nan


Thanks! I’ve done several housesits on THS already, but they were with only cats.

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Gotch! I misread.

That’s no problem! No worries.

@FreeSpiritManette Congratulations on your sit! I know it can be a little nerve racking, but lean into the excitement of it all and you’ll do great. Big dogs can be a little intimidating, especially if you’ve never been around big dogs a lot. I’m not a certified expert or anything but something I’ve found that helps is having them match your energy. When you are calm and collected, making slow movements and soothing tones, they’ll calm down and match your vibe. A lot of big dogs are just cuddle buddies. Just keep cool and you’ll do great!


Thank you for the support and advice! I’ll take it!

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I couldn’t reply to your comment in a different thread referenced to me after you had moved it. I guess I am still relatively new to official housesitting as I am not even 4 months in yet.
I am on my 7th housesit (3 of them repeats). I thought nervousness was normal so I took it. If the dog sit had been listed longer than 2 days, I probably wouldn’t have taken it due to my minimal experience with dogs.

I will ask all important unanswered questions I have seen specific to dogs next time. I chose this upcoming sit based on the short length of the sit (2 days), the breed of dogs even though they’re kind of big, the infrequency of needing to walk them, and the HO stating how calm and easygoing they are.


Hi @FreeSpiritManette thank you for coming back, even though it was via another “route”

You’ve had some wonderful advice and feedback. Starting with a short sit, with “chilled” companions is the way to go.

As long as you are confident that you have made the right choice, for you and the dogs all will be well. It’s all about communication and being prepared. Short sits will also expose you to being with dogs long enough to know if longer will work and short enough that if it isn’t for you, the dogs and you can have a great time together knowing it isn’t for “life”

Have a wonderful sit and be sure to share your experience with our community.


Hello Free, beautiful, Spirit Manette, I can not only wish you luck, I am here, happy to offer any assistance, as a professional dog trainer. You can do it!

One suggestion:
If they pull, they are ahead of you, trying to establish dominance.
A tight leash means they are dominant, and potentially stress for dogs as if they see another dog, they will want to act protective of you and themselves; the pack.
Best to eventually walk with a loose lead, in UK/leash, in USA.

To easily correct this, until they learn to slow down and self-correct, immediately change direction, so you are leading. You may go a few steps and change direction many times.

This may take more than a few repetitions, but eventually they may appreciate your leadership and stay “Heel.”

The crucial practice is to be giving the dogs cues for what you want for some walks, training, and to establish your mutually respectful bond as soon as possible.

A lot of my walks with Tarkina, my girl dog, are for just enjoying sniffing with less cues,
or running free or chasing sticks, frisbees/discs, and balls, which keeps dogs relaxed, as well.
Balance is key.

I am here; happy to assist your growing in confidence, skills and benevolent leadership with dogs! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


yes, please; I’m curious how it goes here. :four_leaf_clover: :heart: :heart: :dizzy: :heart:


Wishing you luck but I’m sure you’ll be fine as you’ve carefully considered what you’ll do. It was good of the owners to take a punt on you as I’m sure you let them know you’re a bit anxious. Let us know in this thread how it goes. You’ll then be on a roll and sit for dogs equally as much as cats I’ll bet! :wink:


@FreeSpiritManette: Good luck! I am also a cat person, but 3 of my 4 sits have included dogs! You’ve got this!

I will say that I am a fan of Cesar Millan, and I watched a documentary about him and one of his later shows:

I learned a lot just by watching what he does (and doesn’t do).


This looks really interesting @geoff.hom

Thank you for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

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@geoff.hom, as a proponent of positive training techniques only, dogs learn best by being encouraged and rewarded, not dominated. Just like us humans :grinning::dog:. Please be discerning about following Cesar’s advice. Check out Ian Dunbar and Victoria Stilwell.

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That’s very kind of you; although I may stick with cats whenever I can because of how long I can be out and about and how quiet and low maintenance they are in addition to my preference for them. I have never seen a dogsit that would allow me to go out for up to 12 hours at a time, it’s usually up to 4-5 hrs at most.
Not sure about anyone else.


Thank you for the encouragement! I watched a few of his videos as well.

I am watching a few videos on walking multiple larger dogs at once for one person. I’ve walked multiple smaller dogs before and they were very aggressive when other dogs were in sight and the owner had warned me about this while we were walking them, so this tainted my dog walking experience a bit. I am just praying that these upcoming dogs are calm when out and about as I do want to feed myself with more positive experiences with dogs.


Thanks for the suggestions!! I am re-reading on the day of the sit.


Best of luck! I, too am very much a cat person, but a friend of mine with 5 (FIVE!) dogs swayed me to like the woofers. Quite a lot actually. It took me falling asleep with the sweetest brick of muscle, a Pit named Maisy to make me go “you know… this isn’t so bad”

I’m looking forward to taking on a solo sit with a pup in the future. But one thing’s for sure is they have a lot of love to give. I think you’re going to enjoy yourself!


@FreeSpiritManette, it seems like you were very mindful in choosing this dog sit. These dogs sound easy and sweet. Maybe you’ll find you enjoy the companionship of dogs every once in awhile. I completely understand your desire for flexibility in the schedule, just look for sits in your comfort zone and have fun!