Unreal--I'm a sitter already!

I joined THS on the first of October. I bit the bullet and went for the Premium membership–this so I could take advantage of the perks it offers and because I really intended to be a pet/house sitter.

Amazingly, I already have one confirmed sit and one in process! This is quite contrary to my thinking that it would take six months or even longer to earn my first sit.

Is this usual for THS sitters? I’m just gobsmacked!!


Congratulations @Ledadane ! I clicked on your profile but you have it in the preview mode and it took me to my own profile. I did see that you’re a quilter, though. I love quilts and admire the skill it takes to make one! Best of luck on your first sit.


Hi @Ledadane I have now corrected your forum profile here, so it is showing correctly now.
Congratulations. This is such a wonderful start to your future house and pet sitting adventures.

Congrats @Ledadane I hope you enjoy your first sits. Many adventures lie ahead!

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Congratulations! Well it certainly mirrors my experience. We joined mid May and within two days had a 2 week sit confirmed followed very quickly by a further 5 week sit to start immediately after the first one and another short sit over Christmas. We have also agreed a 3 month sit with the first HO’s that we sat for from January to March. So within less than 12 months we will have had almost 5 months of sits which suits us as we are able to work remotely! So glad you had a similar positive start to your house sitting … enjoy!


Congrats on your first sit! My impression is that booking a first sit varies very much according to location, and possibly due to whether you have experience with animals of your own. It also seems to be an excellent time of year for sits as there are an abundance at the moment. Good luck and hope is it a wonderful experience for you!

Oh! But I just corrected my profile link myself, as I hadn’t yet seen your post. Thank you so much for looking out for me!!

Yes, I’m really pleased that it’s been so relatively easy to pick up pet/house sits on THS. I watched quite a few videos, including those by Stephanie Perry (very impressive), took a few instructions from them, and then spent a couple of days building my profile. It probably needs tweaking again–they’re never quite perfect, I know.

Anyway, as. you can imagine, I’m REALLY happy to be here!!


Thanks, Lindsay! Yes, I believe so!!

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Thank you!

I didn’t think the link I’d added seemed right, but when I clicked on it, all I got was my own profile. I’ve corrected that now, so I hope you’ll go back and have a look at my profile now.

Yes, I am a quilter, but I don’t make bedcovers, only wall quilts, each one an original design. I have a site online for that, but I think I’m. not supposed to share that link here, yes? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welcome Ledadane. And congratulations on acquiring your first sits. Your profile is fascinating and with your life experiences I can’t imagine that you will ever have any trouble finding sits. You have some wonderful new adventures ahead of you :slight_smile:

Have a lovely adventurous time on your first sit!
At the moment the scales are tipped in the favour of sitters. So many people heading away after all the lockdowns.
Our first sit was fantastic 11 years ago… I remember it so well… Shropshire and lots of hiking over hill and dale!

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Congratulations! It’s a really nice feeling to be accepted for your first sit. We had a similar experience, and I would say the perfect first sit. Hope all goes well with yours.


Congratulations! After 14+ sits and counting, it still feel amazing to get that “Ivy chose you!" email :smiley:


Thank you so much, Liz, for your kind remarks and encouragement. Today has certainly been a busy one, and it seems like you’re right. I’m just so grateful to THS for making any success I enjoy as a housesitter happen–and so easily!! :smiley:

Hello @EliMotivates and welcome to the forum! It’s lovely to hear about the success stories of our sitters and I totally get what you mean about the “Ivy chose you” email - after almost 10 years of sits I still love that moment!! Please do feel free to post your own intro at some point, we’d love to hear where you’ve been sitting, where you’re from, and how house sitting plays a part in your life! Meanwhile enjoy connecting with other members here in the forum.

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@Ledadane I want to add my congratulations, along with others. :clap: I’ve been a sitter with TrustedHousesitters for many years, and want to add a word of caution, primarily from my observations from being active on the forum for more than a year.

PLEASE know your worth, and value your standards, priorities, and principles. That’s a generalized statement, not one based on you specifically. Too often new members are so eager to get their first reviews (sitters) or feedback (homeowners) that they compromise and ignore ‘red flags’. Oftentimes, sitters later reflect on a negative sit and realize that they were too eager to book a sit, or too eager to please.

You and the owners are on an equal footing, with everyone hopefully coming to a clear understanding that it’s a good fit. Everyone deserves that respect. OK, end of my lecture :face_with_hand_over_mouth: … enjoy your sits and safe travels to you. :sun_with_face:


@Snowbird, Thanks for the wisdom of your comments. I was beginning to wonder how far must or should I go to make myself available to prospective HO’s. For example, here there are definite hours of the day that are generally considered mealtimes and/or rest/private times. Must I receive telephone calls during those hours? I think not–at least, not unless I’m just dying to get that sit! And even then, someone who wants to ring me at 11:00 p.m. is not likely someone I’m going to want to sit for. Mutual respect sounds like a good thing to me!!

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Well done. !!!

I joined on the 5th May in Brisbane Australia, on the 15th May 10 days latter I was to my TOTAL Surprise standing in Rome Airport from Australia heading to my first ever THS sit for 30 days in rural Italy. When I left all I new is I had a 30 sit and possibly returning home to Australia.

But it did not turn out that way.

I am flying back to Australia on 17th October YES. 5 months later having had back to back sits for 5 months with only needing to source 4 nights accommodation of my own.

Here is my itinerary

Rural Italy 30 days
Perugia Italy 10 days
Brussels Belgium 28 days
The Haig Netherlands 3 days
Goldalming Surrey UK 27 days
Cranley Gardens North London 14 days
Foulmouth Cornwell UK 3 days
Portland / Weymouth Kent UK 7 days
Folkestone UK 4 days
Luxembourg 7 days
Eltville Germany 4 Days
Brussels ( returning to same sit as above ) 7 days
17th October flying back to Australia


This is amazing @SafePaws! You’re a real inspiration!!

Clearly, having any constraints on sitting causes problems. For example, I have pets of my own, so I need to check in with them now and then. I’m not keen on really cold weather, snow, and ice, so that limits time spent in the northern hemisphere.

Still, even sit counts, doesn’t it? I hope to earn enough positive reviews from HOs to make it easy to sit full time in future.

Thanks for sharing these details of your experience. VERY encouraging!!

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Looks like you timed that EU visa requirement perfectly. That is quite a itinerary. Good think UK is no longer EU.

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