Brandie new from New England

Hi all! I am brand new and about to land my first sit. I am curious to how it works. Such as, when do you get the full name and address of your owner? I will be lucky enough to meet them before the sit. I might be alone or with my partner so I was just wondering about the whole information thing. I am excited and a bit nervous. I am excited to travel and meet a new furry friend. We did not replace our dogs when they passed because we wanted to travel and not leave them behind, so it will be fun to have new furry friends. Thanks all!


Hi @Gramandgramps and well done for getting your first sit.
As to your question, it’s all about communication so it’s up to you to ask the home owners their name and address, they don’t come via the website. Ask as much as you want because the more information you have about the home and pets the better your stay will be. In case you don’t know there is a Welcome Guide that the owners are asked to complete and you can request it via your dashboard when you’ve been confirmed by the owners & you’ve accepted the sit.
Don’t forget to make sure they’ve filled in their emergency contact numbers/people and the vet.
Good luck!

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Welcome to THS and the forum, @Gramandgramps ! Congratulations on landing your first sit! You’re from one of my favorite parts of the country! Oh, how I’d love to get there in the fall.

I was like you. After my beloved dogs passed, I chose not to get another so I would not have to leave them to travel, although I didn’t know about THS at the time and could surely have found good sitters as a combined member.

Home/pet owners will usually have their last name in the Welcome Guide but before you even receive that, it’s a good idea to set up alternate methods of communication for both of you-- phone numbers (for calls/WhatsApp/FaceTime) and email addresses. You can certainly ask them their surname and give them yours.

As @Smiley mentions, make sure to request their Welcome Guide. THS has a template so the owner is sure to provide important info, such as emergency contacts, vet name, address, phone and hours, the pet owner’s address, pet
temperament care and feeding, etc. You really want to have this info in advance of your sit, so you can clarify anything you are not clear on.

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Great info. Thanks so much. We have a ranch on a back road in Central MA. We are about an hour out of Boston on a good traffic day! I love being in the middle of green in the spring and summer, then lovely colors in the fall!

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Thank you so much! Very helpful!

I hope you love sitting as much as I do. I started last fall and quickly started doing it full time. I don’t much care about the host’s name because I will know that (and so much more!) on the first day of a sit. I do ask them for the address or cross streets of their location so that I can plan my own travel and activities while I will be at their home.

Thanks! I hope I love it too. I can’t see why I wouldn’t. I am going to travel to see family and this would make it easier to go more often PLUS I get to play with pets!