A VERY Happy Caturday For This Family!

Never give up hope The PURRFECT Happy #Caturday Story :heart_eyes_cat: :clap: :heart_eyes_cat:

Ruth, of Royston, Herts, said: ‘On Sunday, my ex had a phone call from a microchip database saying someone had found our cat" 11 years after he went missing :heart_eyes_cat:

Under new UK rules due in 2022- all cat owners will be required to microchip their cats before they reach 20 weeks

Animal Welfare Minister Lord Goldsmith added: “Cats are much-loved parts of our families and making sure that they’re microchipped is the best possible way of making sure that you are reunited with them if they are ever lost or stolen.

“These new rules will help protect millions of cats across the country and will be brought in alongside a range of other protections we are introducing under our Action Plan for Animal Welfare.”

Have you got a Happy Ending “Lost & Found” story to tell?


Aw I LOVE happy endings like this! So wonderful to hear they reunited! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :cat:

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