A video view of Canada and Canadians

I live in Niagara Falls :canada: which is often referred to as one of the ‘banana belt’ areas of the country, as we are prone to milder temperatures than most areas of our province of Ontario. Today, it’s -16 Celsius outside (3F) and a light covering of snow. This morning I received an email with a Canadian YouTube video that I thought I’d share (see link above the weather image). A little armchair travelling. Oh, and I just checked Canada’s weather data - and remember we’re a big country - and it ranges from +8C to -43C today. Welcome to Canada :canada:

Video (3:43 mins): Up Here, in Canada


I’m in Vancouver and it’s 6 degrees today. It was -11 a couple of weeks ago and felt very cold. I’ve noticed the temperatures in Whitehorse are warmer than in the past. My youngest son moved from there in the summer to B.C. to escape the cold winters and he encountered a colder winter in Kamloops this year than in Whitehorse!

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Thanks, I’ve always loved that video.

I live in Kelowna, in the interior of BC, only a 4-5 hour drive from Vancouver, but with a completely different climate.

We have hot dry summers, 30-35° average in summer, and cold dry winters, averaging around freezing most days but with cold snaps that can drop down to -20 at night. Where I live in the hills, we get a couple of feet of snow every winter, but in the valley, the snow doesn’t last as long.

Kelowna is situated on the beautiful 135km long Okanagan lake and has a world class ski hill, Big White, within an hour’s drive so it is a 4 season travel destination.

Here’s a great tourism video that gives you an idea of what it’s like in the beautiful Okanagan valley.


My fave vid about :canada: is the v old but still a goodie for me.

I think I could handle the current Alberta temps as tis similar to winter in rural South Canterbury/Otago👍. We were out on a trail womble near fox peak ski field yest & now eager to do it when our winter comes.

Summer view for you