Stay Safe & Stay Well BC Canada & Pacific Northwest

Our thoughts go out to our community members and everyone in Western Canada :canada: and the Pacific North West :us: as temperatures soar … stay safe and stay well


It’s been awful here, so thanks. It’s 42-44° at my house for past 5-6 days which is far far above the norm, hitting new highs every day. Today it has “cooled down” to 37° (!) Thankfully we have air conditioning so we’re not suffering too much, other than I have barely left the house for a week.

And now, the wildfires have started and the entire village of Lytton burned to the ground yesterday after hitting a Canadian high temp three days running. I suspect it’s going to be a dangerous, smoky, hot summer.

Oh my goodness @Kelownagurl we are sorry to hear about Lytton. Wild fires are raging once again in California too. The glass in my niece’s patio table shattered yesterday in 49 degree temps in Edmonton, Alta., hard to imagine when winter can bring -30

Stay safe an our thoughts are with you all.

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Thanks Angela for thinking of us in B.C.! The temperatures here last week broke a record since 1937! I have no air conditioning in New Westminster, B.C. but overlook the river which provided somewhat of a breeze. I also managed to get into an outdoor pool virtually every day last week! It’s awful for the folks in Lytton having fled their homes and only a couple of hours away from us.


@Annette we’ve been watching the news and it’s so sad about Lytton I could not believe the images, the whole town has been raised to the ground. Our community is thinking of you all and everyone who is affected by these adverse conditions. Northern California is another place under threat.

Being Canadian, BC is my home, I have many family and friends in my thoughts also. In Edmonton, on Wednesday in was 49 degrees and the glass in my niece’s patio table shattered in the heat, just as well she was sheltering inside.

Stay safe everyone

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We’re in Edmonton, too, and I can assure you that we’re revelling in the break we got this morning. It’s 1pm and hasn’t even hit 30C yet. We’re so grateful that our boss is a cat and not a dog. Going walkies would have been no fun at all…