Thinking of those of you affected by the arctic weather in the US and Canada

Having seen in the news the awful conditions some people in the US and Canada are having to contend with at the moment, I do hope that anyone affected reading this manages to keep safe and warm.

US storm: Dozens dead as big freeze grips North America


Historic Winter Storm: Over 200 million people are under weather warnings across the US and Canada

@Smiley thank you for sharing and we join you in sending thoughts and concerns for the safety and well being of our community and everyone affected by these extreme weather conditions.

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Thank you for your thoughts. I was due to start a sit in Toronto for 2 cats on December 24th but my bus transit was canceled and I had to book train transit for the next morning. Fortunately the owners could arrange feeding until I arrived. I got here, the cats are fed and medicated, playing with their catnip sachets that I brought. Overall, I think it emphasizes the importance of communication and having backup plans. Cheers!


Thank you for sharing @MaggieUU we’re so glad you were able to travel safely to Toronto and you are absolutely correct about the importance of communication and being prepared with a back up plan.

Stay safe and warm with your kitty companions.

I’m unfortunately one of those people living in Vancouver, B.C. My husband and I spent Christmas day on our own as our family from Northern B.C. couldn’t make it due to severe road conditions. There were two major bus crashes this past week on a B.C. highway sending 53 people to hospital and leaving 4 dead. Vancouver airport was shut down for days leaving passengers stranded. We haven’t experienced this type of weather in a long time!

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Sorry to hear this. Keep safe. Hope you can rearrange a get together with your family when the weather has improved.

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Thanks Smiley!

Hi @Globetrotter I’m sorry your family weren’t able to travel.

It looks as though it’s warming up over the next few days and back to more normal weather … wet and windy. Stay safe and warm

Thanks Angela - definitely warmed up here today so hoping to put this bad weather behind us :slight_smile:

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