Trapped at house sit due to weather!

This is a first for us in 70+ house sits but today we are trapped at a house sit, in Argylll, Scotland!. Unprecedented amounts of rain has meant floods and landslides have closed roads and it’s not safe to travel!. Tomorrow the main road will still be closed so it looks like the only option is a ferry trip! The HO are stuck in Glasgow and will have to do the route in reverse!
We’ve raided the freezers and are quite content but wondering if anyone else has experienced similar?
@Angela_L we’re in Otter Ferry!

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Crazy situation @PetsSit. You need to stay put and unfortunately wait till the situation gets under control. These weather related incidents do happen although thankfully not too often.

Hope you’re not sitting dogs that need walking. When I was a kid growing up in the tropics, we had to walk the dog during even typhoons.

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Not while petsitting. But I stayed at a colleague’s place in Delaware for a few days, when there was a snow storm. We were binge-watching Blackadder video cassettes. When it was over: shoveling!

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Yes, we’ve been cutoff because of fires. But we always have at least a weeks worth of rations for emergency in high risk zones. It’s particularly important because we do almost exclusively long sits so whether it’s an ice storm, forest fires, earthquakes, or hurricanes and other coastal storms, we’re used to being prepared because it’s happened to us when we lived in our own home.

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HI @PetsSit I’m glad you are safe even though you’re “trapped” the weather/rain has been horrendous, although I am on the East coat at the University of Edinburgh attending a 2 day Fostering Compassion conference.

My home is on the West Coast near Helensburgh where all roads are closed, so much flooding in fact the water is running through our gardens like a river and we are on higher ground.

It’s 9.15 pm still raining in Edinburgh and on the West Coast but I think it’s slowed, we’ve had so much rain in the last month or more that the ground is absolutely saturated.

Stay safe, I hope you keep power, the freezer supplies hold out and your owners make it home from Glasgow.


What a wonderful place to be “trapped” in. One of my favourite places in Scotland. Lap it up. You’ll soon be back in the big bad world.


@PetsSit aagh to be stuck in Otter Ferry :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I was on Bute last June whilst sitting outside of Glasgow (not literally), visiting an old school friend and drove via Colintrave to Inveraray and back via another direction, along some back roads goodness knows where lol. I think down near your way! Got terribly lost but found some wonderful pubs along the way :joy:

Seriously, I know it’s not something to laugh about, but I hope you don’t starve to death and the rains ease off soon. Take care and embrace these one off occasions, you will look back and smile at the memory.


It’s good that you have supplies to wait it out.
Have you checked on your neighbours to see if they are ok or need some help? It’s a good opportunity to meet people.

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@PetsSit , We were on a house sit in New Zealand in February this year when a cyclone hit the area! We were completely without power for the last three days of the sit!