Storm Ciaran

Thinking of all sitters , pets and homes currently in the path of Storm Ciaran - stay safe :pray:

We are in Kent, U.K. with severe weather warnings⚠️ unlikely that we will be walking the dog today !


I’m at Heathrow waiting for a later flight as my flight from Glasgow was delayed into London.

Coming into land was uneventful, thank goodness in fact as I sit sit in Heathrow there is just light rain, I think it’s affecting areas further south.

If the storm is affecting you please stay safe … :slightly_smiling_face:


@Angela_L you were lucky as you were towards the centre of the storm where the winds are lighter and what little wind there was, was straight down the runway :+1:t2::airplane::slightly_smiling_face:

@Silversitters we are all the way across the other side of the UK in Tenby, Pembrokeshire. We have the severe weather warnings here too, but the storm seems to have passed us by now. We’ve had some heavy rain and strong wind, but there have been breaks where we could walk the dog. There is some flooding on very low lying roads on the edge of town, but they can be avoided. We’ve just had a lovely long walk along all of the town’s beaches, and it wasn’t nearly as windy as the weather forecast indicated. Everyone we’ve spoken to was expecting much worse weather today.


@Samox24 sometimes all we need is a little luck … :wink:

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