Anyone interested in a Meetup in Edinburgh this Sunday 10th July?

Hello from Edinburgh,

my name is Liz and I am a new sitter from Austria travelling through the UK in July and loving it… I am on my first house/dog/chicken sit in Edinburgh now :heart_eyes: Anyone interested and has time for a meetup this Sunday for brunch around 10.30h somewhere nice - tips welcome :wink:

Bye, Liz


We are in Edinburgh now, but we leave on Friday. Best of luck in your sit. We loved our time in Scotland.

We’re sitting by Loch Lomond, Scotland is beautiful! . Hope you’re enjoying your time in Edinburgh! Where are going next?

How long are you in Loch Lomond for? @PetsSit

Until Monday.
Then 15th - 24th Berwick upon Tweed!

We’re not in Edinburgh until the end of the month , but just wanted to say enjoy your travels. Can’t wait to get there :blush:

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Seems like we will all miss each other :frowning: Thanks for replying and wish you all a super time here.

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