British Columbia Storm Disaster (Nov 2021)

Some of you may have heard about the catastrophic storm that hit southern BC earlier this week, with many many mud and rock slides, massive flooding, some towns completely evacuated, and every highway in and out of the lower mainland closed.

I was just wondering if any home owners or sitters have been impacted by it, either as a sitter stuck in a sit, or a home owner unable to get home?


Hi @Kelownagurl thank you for posting. I only knew about the terrible storms this evening through Channel 4 News in the UK there has been nothing, that I have seen, on the main BBC channels although I obviously haven’t seen or been listening to the all

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this natural disaster.

How is it in the Okanagan @Kelownagurl?

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We are ok, thanks. The worst of the storm hit the lower mainland and they had 10" of rain in 24 hours in Hope and the Fraser Valley. People were stranded between slides on the highways and in Hope for several days before rescue people could get to them.

The Coquihalla is so badly damaged that it’s unlikely to reopen this winter. Possibly the same with the Trans-Canada through the Fraser Canyon. The entire city of Merritt has been evacuated (that’s the second time this year since they were evacuated for forest fires during the summer). Princeton is under water as well. The only hope now is to get Highway 3 (the Hope-Princeton) open, possibly by Monday in order to get the supply chain back. All grocery stores in southern BC have empty shelves for perishable foods.

The storm hit Kelowna on Monday afternoon with wind gusts to 120 kmh but not as much rain as on the coast. Our power was out for 13 hours. Other than that, we are fine.

For anyone who wants more info, you can google “Southern BC Flooding”

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I’m just glad to see that it appears that no sitters have been caught up in it.