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Hi there my husband and I have been housesitting for the summer in B.C. Canada, we have been full times RVers for ten years, last year we bought a condo and have it rented out, so we decided to sell our RV and go housesitting for the summer, then we are going to Australia for the winter as we have kids living there, so hope to do some housesitting there also.
When we come back in spring we will move into condo. That’s our story,


and thank you for sharing it @Corney … how wonderful to be sitting in beautiful BC for the summer, Vancouver is home for me and the thought of a BC summer of Pets, People & Places appeals more than you can imagine.

Wintering in Australia, another adventure … do tell us where you’ve sat in BC and where you are heading to in Australia.

Welcome to our community forum., enjoy connecting with our global community and we look forward in sharing in your next THS adventure.

Angela and the forum team

Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you have a great year planned out already. As you can see, we are BCers too. Where are you located?

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We have been housesitting around B.C. Canada,and someone wanted to know where we have sat,so we started in Squamish BC, then went toIsland and did one sit in Parksville, then one in Nanaimo, now we are in Oliver BC, until the 25th then heading to Pentiction for a cat sit, for five days, then to Kamloops for a seven day sit with a Boston terrier.
After that one we head back to the Island and will be in Sooke, BC for seven days. We have fromAug. 19-23 that we don’t have filled up yet.
We head back to Nanaimo for a long sit Aug.24-Sept.27 at which time we will head back to Alberta which is where we are from.
On Oct. 11 we fly to Australia and will be there until Apr. 15.


Happy travels. I must get to BC some time as have only been to Canada (twice, briefly) in the winter!
I’m off to NZ on 31/10 and then on to Oz, Pacific islands, back into NZ, back into Oz and home Spring 2024…well that’s the plan anyway!
Bet you won’t be able to settle back into your condo after housesitting and travelling. It worries me that I won’t settle ever again……but what a nice worry!
Keep in touch here with pics and good luck!

Hi @Corney thank you I was the one asking about your BC travels … I used to live on Vancouver Island close to Parksville in a very small but beautiful place called Nanoose Bay, we overlooked Dolphin Bay and could see across the Georgia Straits to the mainland.

At night, especially in the winter it was magical.

Many people don’t realize just how big the Island is and diverse, the East and West Coasts are just completely different. Which was your favorite place?

Safe drive back to Alberta when the time comes … I lived in Edmonton and the drive from Vancouver to Edmonton or Calgary is again very special, a WOW around every corner.

Thank you for sharing

13 hr 3 min (1,159.8 km) via BC-5 N and AB-16

Athabasca Falls


Oh boy @Corney I am quite jelly! We have spent many of our travel dollars on Vancouver Island - from Tofino to Sooke, with a weeklong cooking class over on Salt Spring Island. The beauty and the bounty are sublime!

Enjoy your next Canadian sits and keep us posted on your trip to Oz. Welcome to the Forum,
Karen S

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