Canadian Adventures in Housesitting!


Bailey & I have been really enjoying our housesit here in Saskatchewan!

These pups are having a blast together!! It’s been an amazing experience. I’ve met fabulous people and I feel blessed for this adventure!!

We will be heading to Vancouver come end of September for another sit and that is exciting!!

Bailey & I have been keeping our eye open for something in Calgary, Alberta.

This is where we’ve lived for 20 plus years. ( Bailey 5.5). We are looking forward to spending time near the mountains but close to the city.

When we house sit, we like to consider it a fun adventure for all involved, especially the other pets!

I have been an energy healer and animal communicator for many years. Therefore, pets are my number priority when I look after your place!!

I treat them as my own and Bailey loves meeting new friends.

This experience of housesitting has opened my eyes to a world opportunity to meet new people, explore a bit and also be able to look after such fabulous pets!!

What is your best advice for someone using this site?

I would love to hear from you and how your adventures are going!!

Tara & Bailey :heart::paw_prints:

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And thanks for telling us of your sit journey.
Lots of folks sharing good thoughts on this board!


Hi @LoveYourJourney Tara and Bailey, what adorable family pics and sitting in Saskatchewan, we don’t often get sent greetings from that Province so thank you for sharing.

I cannot recommend Vancouver enough (if you’ve not been there before) and there are probably more opportunities in Calgary later on in the year, great during ski season when many Albertans head south for warmer climes as I’m sure you know having lived there for 20 years!!

I lived in Edmonton, moved East to NS and after years living an expat life returned to Vancouver Island BC … and have been exploring through pet and housesitting for the last 14 years which is a truly amazing and rewarding lifestyle choice for pet loving travelers.

and no doubt that is what you give them all … we can’t wait to share in your next adventure and see some more great pics … let us know when you reach Vancouver and share some pics from the drive.

Angela and the Team

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