Hello from Watertown, MA

I am so excited to be here! I just signed up to be a sitter and a seeker(?) (what would the terminology be!?).

I work from home FT for a local university. This is such a wonderful opportunity.

I have rescue dogs of my own and live with my partner. He has a daughter in college, I do not have kids. This is me and Dan in Big Sur for my birthday last year.

Does anyone have experience bringing their pets to a sitting engagement? How do you find people that would be ok with that?

I am probably going to need a sitter for a short stint the end of the month. I am waiting on my partner to give me the dates. Fingers crossed it works out that I can find someone!

Hope to chat with some of you soon!



@HeatherAni hello and welcome to the community forum, and to TrustedHousesitters.

I would suggest you add both your sitter and ‘seeker’ listings to your forum username/profile. Here are instructions on how to do it. Forum members can then view both and perhaps give some feedback, as this can often be really helpful.

There are sitters on the forum who sit with their pets. It no doubt limits the sits for you, but it certainly does happen. You’ll likely get comments to your post from some who do. Take a look at this post.

The magnifying glass in the top toolbar is where you can search key words. You’ll often find answers to your questions there. There have been discussions on the equivalent of your ‘seeker’ question, but no unanimous outcome. We’ll need to add your suggestion to the mix. We are all seekers of some kind at THS :smiley:

Volunteer moderator :canada:

Thank you, Francine!

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