Hi from Madison, Wisconsin

Hi everyone! I’m so happy to find this community of house sitters! Hope this finds you all well and venturing out around the world meeting new people, seeing new places and taking care of lots of deserving pets!

I had my first official TrustedHousesitter experience last fall for 3 weeks. It was above exceptional - I wonder if any future engagement can be quite as wonderful! We have become lovely friends and I’m flying out to sit for them (in southern California) next week and again in August. I’m totally smitten with their dog, Frankie - a St. Bernard/Poodle mix - I seriously think she is the reincarnation of my Golden Retrieve, Franny, who passed away 3 years ago. Funny how that works!

I’m starting to look for more opportunities along the coast - in Oregon, Washington and my most favorite part, northern California - further north of San Francisco).

Can’t wait to connect with you and make new friends around the world!



Hi @12Jane21 and welcome to the forum. We just love seeing people who are enthused about the benefits of joining the THS community.

I also remember my first sit as being just a gem, and wondering whether others after it would pale by comparison. It hasn’t happened, although I also went on to do multiple sits for the first pet owners and consider them friends. However, each sit and each pet holds a special memory. Yes, there are a couple that weren’t ideal, but it’s a learning curve. Even those had so many enjoyable moments that they far outweighed the negative points. I count myself fortunate at having so many fond memories of past sits over the years. :heart_eyes:

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Thank you for your insight @Snowbird !! It’s so good to hear! This sight has been such an enabler to open up my world and experience new places with less of a financial burden. Plus it totally plays to how I like to travel - I love to immerse myself in a place and experience what it’s like to live there rather than feel like a tourist.

Look forward to hearing more!