Hello from Boston Massachusetts

Greetings and salutations,
the name is Kairee, and i’m new here. What brings me to house and pet sitting is the fact that I have my own house and pets I adore very much. Thus I realize the importance of a friendly, and helpful community. When alone, an individual can only accomplish so much. By yourself yard work can seem so demanding and time consuming, but how easy would it be if the entire street switched off cleaning each others yards. This is the difference between a clean and dirty city/town. When everyone makes an effort toward a common goal we can accomplish anything. So ultimately I’m here to support the goals of the community in my biggest passion which is traveling. With the support of our trustworthy community members we can travel where ever and know our pets and homes are not at risk or in danger which is a huge relief and generally a blessing. Trust is everything and I’m always open to sharing a meal to get to know anyone interested in hiring me, shoot me a message if thats you. Otherwise it’s been a pleasure introducing myself and I wish you all the best in life.

Genuinely, Kairee.


Hello Kairee! That is a wonderful introduction. Thank you for your sharing.

Welcome Kairee to the forum! I too come from Massachusetts and I am currently sitting in a lovely home in Vermont. I wish you much success and when we adopt a pet and our house is finally built in the Berkshires, I’ll be looking for a sitter.