Hello from Boston and Don’t give up

Hi everyone,
I am from Brisbane Australia and currently visiting my family in Boston in Newburyport. My husband and I are on a two month vacation seeing America.

Unfortunately my husband caught Covid and gave it to everyone else in the house. That was the start of our vacation. Everyone was in isolation for over a week. Makes you think about your health as a number one priority.

We had a confirmed house sit in a few weeks time however the house sitters canceled. The communication was good with the house sitter.
I brought a few expensive toys for the dogs.

I think you just have to have a positive attitude and work around the challenges. And have a back up plan. Nothing is really confirmed so you have to keep that in mind. I was so excited to have my first house sit. I just chalk it down to experience and you learn as you go.

Have the best profile you can write , get someone to read it and provide plenty of pictures to capture your life. You really have to sell yourself and cross your fingers.

Hopefully I can share some pictures with you in the near future, good luck.


@Henderson22 sounds like you have exactly the right attitude for navigating the ins and outs of petsitting. It’s just lovely this time of year in Massachusetts for a vacation. I hope the remainder of your family visit to New England is enjoyable!


@Henderson22 Given you mentioned a cancellation and that you’re in the Boston area, I just thought I’d mention a sit coming up soon in Salem. Perhaps it could be a win-win for you both?

August 6 - 13 (flexible end date) - Salem, MA


Plan with an option to pivot. Perfect positive

Perfect positive attitude for success! Try, try, and try again.

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I’m not sure that our dates line up but I see that you had a cancellation and I have a place that needs a sitter. Our dates are 6-Aug to the 13/14Aug. If they line up with yours and you like the looks of our pets/place, please do reach out.

Good luck–it sounds like you’ve had a couple of wrenches tossed in the works.

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for your email. I would love to house sit but that week is the
last week I am in Boston. My family have arranged a few things and trips
before I go back to Brisbane. We are hoping to go to New York City
during that time.

Your pets look adorable.

Thank you for reaching out to me. You really made my day.


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Hi Joanne,

Hope you are well.

We have made the most of our vacation and currently in Canada. I think you just have to be flexible and go with the flow. Loved being in New England again.

Thanks for your message.


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I don’t give up that easy so I am going to continue with a positive attitude. You learn from experience too.

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@Henderson22 we raised our children in CT, and most of our family still lives in New England. After we wrap up our last sit this month, in the UK, we cruise back and land in Boston. It will be the first time our granddaughter meets us at the dock!

Oh how exciting about seeing your grand daughter. My family are in New
England as well and in Florida and Kansas City. I hope you are having a
good house sit in the UK.it has been really hot there.

Take care

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