Hello from Boston

Greetings - I live in downtown Boston with Violet.

I’ve used THS to find sitters and have had pretty good luck. Only one couple who didn’t read directions! :frowning:

I haven’t had any luck getting sits when I apply which is discouraging. I see more and more people requesting couples which feels discriminatory. I’m single, no kids. Very responsible. Over 50, own a home so I know how to treat one.

I work for myself and have a temp day job with the US Govt during COVID.

Look forward to meeting others in this forum.

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Hi Diane & Violet,

Welcome to our community forum and thank you for joining us from Boston.

So lovely to hear that you’ve both had some great sitters, please don’t be disheartened about not being successful at getting a sit yet, we have many solo pet sitters enjoying a great pet sitting lifestyle. As travel opens up giving more owners the confidence to start travelling again there will be more opportunities and your experience of being on both sides of our win win is an advantage.

Starting locally, if you can, is the advice we give to new members starting out and our Membership Services Team are available with help and support and are a great resource to help you get started and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of good advice from members here on the forum.

Welcome again and thank you for sharing such a lovely photograph.

Angela & The Team

Hi Diana, I am also a single sitter and have had good fortune in being selected for quite a few sits (with the odd offer to repeat). These have been both home (in the UK) and also in Majorca, and California! I must admit that the competition does seem tougher now, with sitters seemingly well outnumbering sits. Do persist, though. Incidentally I started off by offering some pretty local sits and once I had the good references from these I think my profile probably got viewed more.
All the best,


Hello Diane :wave:t2:

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Hello Diana,
I am a solo sitter and I had several sits. There are also owner who prefer solo sitter. And even if they ask for a couple, you can try to convince them that you are worth a couple.
For my first sit, I applied near my home, I met the owner and her dog before and she said yes.
Good luck

Is your cat ? Mine looks like

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I have 2 small dogs and would welcome single or couple:)

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