Hi I am a newbie, trying to get my head around the forum

Hi I have just joined housesitters and look forward to experiencing all the opportunities available.
I will be travelling in my motorhome alone.
I am living in Victoria (Melbourne) and hope to find some exciting places to visit once we are allowed to travel freely again as we are still in lockdown!


Good morning from wet and windy Brittany and welcome.
Interested to hear about your motor home adventures in Australia. We are hoping to buy a RV in North America and travel extensively with pet sitting stops along the way, just so I can get my animal fix.
As our visa will only allow us to stay for limited periods in some areas we are looking at maybe swapping RVs with other like minded people on different continents. I am already in contact with some one who likes the idea in South Africa and we are about a year away from actually buying the vehicle. Do you think that would work in Australia a well?

It could probably be organised, but when I took out my insurance it specified not allowed to rent out, but there be a way around it. I would be more than happy to do that if the opportunity arises and clearance can be given of course.
I have not been able to travel yet due to our constant lockdowns which hopefully will ease up soon. M family are moving to a new house o the Sunshine Coast but are unable to travel and it s very frustrating for all f us. Fortunately we have use of a friends house and have been here for 2 months already.
The children havapplied for a permit to fly now, we had planned to drive, so we are hoping thy lol get it soon.
Am concerned about my actual membership to Trusted housesitters, I have paid my subscription but because I signed up for a trial there seems to be some confusion. Hopefully it will be sorted out soon.
Enjoy your adventure.