Hello from Canada's west coast

Hi forum members! My husband and I live on Vancouver Island. We have had dogs and cats but are pet-less at the moment. That is why trusted house sitters is such a draw for me, I need my critter fix. We joined trusted house sitters just before Covid so unfortunately we have not done any sits yet, although we read the listings all the time and dream of international travel once again. This winter we are looking closer to home and hope to find a cat or dog we can cuddle with in a snowy area. Just found this forum so I am looking forward to following it.


Hi @LynneA Welcome to our Community Forum and to TrustedHousesitters thank you for joining us from beautiful Vancouver Island :canada:- I used to live in Nanoose Bay -

(here’s a little glimpse for anyone who has never visited the Island)

There are often wonderful pet sitting opportunities both on the Island, the mainland and across the Provinces also in the Upper Pacific Northwest States and although travel has been restricted hopefully it’s beginning to open up and will result in owners looking for sitters once again.

I spent one New Year cuddling up to a very loving kitty in Whistler, it was truly memorable.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with our members from around the world and once again … Welcome :slight_smile:

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Thank you Angela. I agree, Vancouver Island is a little piece of paradise and visitors are always welcome :slight_smile:


Ohhhhh, we are hoping to visit Vancouver Island next spring/summer, we don’t do snow and cold temperatures!
At first I had scheduled in a couple of weeks to visit your beautiful homeland then realised how big the island is, Great Britain size, so now we hope to go for four or five months. We like to walk and explore and really get to know somewhere. It definitely looks like our sort of place.
Enjoy the pet sitting experience and keep on contributing to the forum. It’s good to hear other peoples views and ideas on all the diverse subjects written about on here.

@ElsieDownie Vancouver Island has the most temperate weather in the whole of Canada, … one of the amazing aspects is the difference between the East and West Coasts, a popular vacation for many visitors to the West coast is Storm Watching …

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I’ve done enough storm watching while sailing around the Atlantic rim for five years. Not nice. Watching the storms develop on a radar screen then approaching huge black menacing clouds. I suppose it would be different sitting in a warm sitting room with a huge picture window and a glass of wine in my hand.


I can imagine @ElsieDownie This was more about the Island and how vastly different each coast is many are completely unaware of its size and position.

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There are endless hiking and kayaking (or other boating) opportunities Elsie, as well as magnificent old growth forests, hot springs, sea life (whales, sea lions, dolpins etc), black bears and sea wolves … and more. Some of the island is private forest land (gated and uninhabited) and other areas are inaccessible because of the rough terrain so you may find 4 months quite long unless you want to settle in an area and get to know the community. That said, there are a lot of other great areas near by


Welcome. I love Vancouver Island. I lived there many years ago. I visited Victoria in 2018, had a great time, and long to go back. But real estate has gotten out of my range. Good luck on getting your first sit.

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Real estate went crazy this year. We can only hope there is a correction at some point

Lynne Atwood

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:+1: thanks Provence

Lynne Atwood

Hi Lynne, I live in Parksville and am looking for a couple to cat/house sit in September. 4 -17th would you be interested.

Hello Everyone. I have been with Trusted Housesitters for 3 years now and just thrilled I have this option when I am planning travel/ camping trip. This forum just adds another layer of protection and advise to this site . Looking forward to exploring this forum and all it has to offer.

Hi Peggy,

Thank you for considering us! Unfortunately we have a trip planned during that time and are not available. I hope you can find someone to take care of your kitty. Parksville is such a lovely area, I don’t think you will have a problem.

All the best


Hi @PeggyR welcome to our Community Forum, thank you for joining us from Parksville on beautiful Vancouver Island (I used to live in Nanoose Bay)

Thank you for this insightful endorsement, we hope you will join in the many great member conversations and bring some of BC’s wonder to our forum.

Angela and the Team

Hello from the Hebrides in Scotland. We plan to head out to the Island late Sep into Oct and I am just about to put our dates in for a sitter. We are so pleased that we discovered Trusted House Sitters and have made use of it 3 times last year resulting in meeting lovely people who have looked after our furry and feathered buddies and home. I do hope you manage to have many wonderful journeys and adventures - maybe even the Hebrides!