Hello from the Sunshine Coast, BC

That’s the one in Canada though I’m dreaming every day of living in Australia :smiley:

My name is Randi and my family has been on Trusted Housesitters for a few years now as we have 4 pets and used to travel a lot pre-COVID. We have had some great sitters - our first being a lovely French family traveling the world. They sure set the standard for sitters for us :wink:

We have 2 dachshunds, a cat and a rabbit so it’s a crazy house at time but we love it. We live close to the mountains and the beach in a small town which you can only get to by ferry.

We look forward to travelling again and already have two trips planned as soon as things allow us to safely travel.


Welcome Randi :wave:


Bonjour and Welcome from Quebec @RanRan. I will surely have an eye on your assignments as dachshunds melt my hearts. Just Love :two_hearts: them.
Enjoy the forum.


Welcome Randi. Such cute pups!


HI Randi, welcome to the forum thank you for joining us from one of the most beautiful places in Canada … your wee ones look adorable and sitters must absolutely love your “crazy house” close to the mountains and the beach … I lived on Vancouver Island for 5 years and spend a lot of time on Bainbridge Island WA BC & the Upper Pacific Northwest truly are beautiful but Australia does have the warmth and is beautiful to, hopefully when safe travel returns we will al be able to share in each other’s home beauty.

Thank you again and enjoy connecting with other members from all over the world.

Angela & The Team


Beautiful pups and view !


What braw wee dogs :kissing_heart:
I have great memories of my travels around Vancouver Island. :grin: