Add Rabbits as separate pet category

We love rabbits and cat/bunnies combo sits. We always look for bunny sits, but those are tricky to find since the rabbits are right now in the small pets category. Quite often we end up with pet sits alerts for rats or guinea pigs. Bunnies are quite different than other small pets and require a lot of attention and care. They are also much more popular as pets as there are estimated 900,000 bunnies kept as pets in the UK. Please vote if you would like Rabbits to be in a separate category.
Adding an extra category will also be good from a design perspective as it will even out the categories to 12, rather than the current 11. ( please see suggested category in a screenshot) Thank you.

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Me and my three RABBITS completely agree! They are Very Important Pets :rofl:


I have been requesting this for ever …
Indeed bunnies require a separate category as they are different from other so called “small pets”!
The lack of overview for rabbits sitters thus the lack of experience blocked me from subscribing a few months ago…
As per the initial discussion thread (Bunny lovers - Experience with Rabbits), there are a few thing that are very special to rabbits and need to be known to all sitters applying

Hi @BunnyCat @Petra I will be putting this forward to our product team again.
Kind regards