Moving from Owner to Sitter (unusual pets?)

Hi all! We have previously had excellent sitters looking after our place in Australia when holidaying in Europe. I am now retired, so I am hoping to spend a few weeks sitting in Europe while my wife still pursues her profession.

Anyway, I am a beekeeper, and have chickens, dogs and alpacas at home. So my question: Is there a significant demand for sitters that can handle the more “unusual” pets?


Welcomes Alextewes :wave:


Hi @alextewes, welcome to our community forum thank you for joining. It’s great to hear that you already had excellent sitters caring for your “unusual” pets, this is a great place to ask your question and what an interesting one it is too.

Welcome once again, we can’t wait to get to know you better and hear more about your amazing and “unusual” pets and your TrustedHousesitters experiences.

Angela and the Team

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Welcome Alex. This club is nice.
If you read posts you’ll see some sitters looked after alpacas, tortoises, tropical birds.
Owners are less than sitters to contribute I don’t know why…


I’ve found “unusual pets” aren’t so unusual! It makes sense, in that it can be harder to find places to board critters other than dogs and cats, not to mention expensive if you have lots of various species. I myself, have sat for a tortoise and a peacock, along with kitties and doggies. Maybe try to include some pics of you with other types of animals (or bees!) in your profile, and for sure make a point of mentioning it


Welcome! My uninformed opinion is “absolutely”!!!

We won’t apply or accept sits with pets we have no experience handling.

We have family members with exotic (to us!) birds and they require someone who understands and appreciates their nature’s. I think you’ll be in high demand!