Hi from Erith SE London UK

I’ve been house/pet sitting for 4 years now.
I only do sits as I don’t have a pet. This is my way of enjoying a pet.
My last sit was in the Cotswolds and they had dogs, guinea pigs, and a cat.
I’ve looked after many different kinds of pets, Alpacas, ducks, chickens, peacocks, geese, guinea fowl, a parrot, dogs, and cats.
I like dogs and cats and really enjoy walking dogs.
This is a retirement hobby for me and allows my wife and me to see different parts of the UK without the hassle of hotels.
I would like to do a coastal sit next, but I take what I can get.


Welcome @Mike52 - That’s quite a varied selection of animals. I’d love to look after Alpacas. Were the Peacocks much effort?

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Alpacas were easy, they had their own paddock and were feed dry food twice a day.
The peacocks were easy as well they had free range of the garden and a feeder which I just had to top up. About 4 in the afternoon they would tap on the dinning room window to let you know they were ready for their bowl of meal.


Hi @Mike52 welcome to our community forum and what a lovely introduction into how you have adapted your TrustedHousesitters lifestyle to suit you and your wife. The pets are the best part, I’ve not sat Alpacas … yet, it’s one of my pet sitting goals.

Thank you for joining, enjoy connecting with other members and we look forward to lots of pictures and memory sharing.

Angela and the Team