New sitters from DE

Hey folks,

This is Udo and Gudrun and we’re “the new ones” from Southern Germany (Franconia, to be a little more precise).
We live in a rural area with our 4 own dogs and usually around 5 foster dogs from different animal welfare organizations. The stay with us until a new home is found for them.
There are also 6 cats in the house, 3 snakes and a rat. Oh, and two children (already legally adults :wink: )
We shared our lives with some 280 foster dogs in the last 16 years, so we kinda had our share of experience. And we so know how conforting it is, if you go on vacation knowing that your furry family members are well cared for.
When we found THS, we thought that might be a good place to start getting around a bit and at the same time provide for someone’s animals (sounds like a win-win).

We also own two horses, but they do NOT live at home :wink: - just close by.

And here I am - the new guy - already asking for an opinion:
As long as we travel within Europe (= by car), we usually di that with our own 4 dogs. Which means: we would like to sit, while also bringin some dogs with us.
Here’s the question: is that a total no-go/how could you/dude, forget it? Or is that something with a little potential of finding sit?

Would love to hear your opinion.

Greets from Franconia,
Udo & Gudrun & a the furry family

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Hello @nesshoever and welcome to the forum and to TrustedHousesitters. I just thought I’d share a post with you from someone who asked a similar question about bringing a pet on a sit. You might find the comments interesting and helpful.

Is bringing your own pet on a sit allowed?