Kerstin and Frank from Hamburg


we are Kerstin and Frank. Sitters from Hamburg, Germany. We are traveling the world and take sits anywhere we go.

We are in our 50s, pet loving people. Since the 1st of June this year we retired.

We are on a 3month sit right now and will take long sit from March. Sometimes we are doing as well sits, where only one of us will be.

Happy to share our thoughts and experience with you!

Kerstin and Frank


Hello Kerstin and Frank, nice to meet you!
I am German, too, although I have lived in English-speaking countries for the last 22 years, and I am only a little bit older than you and now also starting the nomad lifestyle as an almost full-time house sitter. As this is your first posting here but you are already doing or have done long-term sits, may I ask where and how you found those sits? Was this outside of Trusted House Sitters? Do you have a website or Facebook page or blog or other online tool for this purpose?

Good morning,
we found our sits here on THS. Lucky I guess. It is fortunately to direct apply for the sits and write a personal applying message, why you want exactly this sit.


What a great way to spend your retirement!

And Im very happy to see a picture of Kerstin with rabbits, we dont get many of those.

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Hi @KerstinAndFrank and welcome to the community forum. You guys are off to a great start and I am envious you are traveling the already. We are on the countdown. Just a little over a year left now until we will start doing the same thing. We have been sitting locally in the US, but we are certainly looking forward to the chance to travel the World and meet many new people and furbabies along the way. Your pictures are great and you two look like you are having so much fun!

This is the greatest place to find answers to any questions you might have about petsitting and/or new locations to travel and you will gain so much insight into all things related.

Once again, welcome to the forum and make sure you post pictures of your adventures along the way!

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