Hallo from Bavaria, Germany

Hallo from Germany. We have been with THS since 2018 and have had 10 sitters look after our furballs. Several sits were also booked but cancelled during lockdowns.

I would love to know how other House Owners choose their sitter. Originally I was just happy for applications, but became more selective after one particularly bad sit. I now rule with my head and not heart and insist on a Zoom call.

We are Australian born with two cats. One from Australia who came with us (We had 2 but one passed away surprisingly during a sit. Poor house sitter but she was wonderful) and one from Latvia.

We enjoy travel and take advantage of our location. (Nuremberg airport but between Munich and Frankfurt)


Welcome to the forum! Lots of great info here for homeowners and sitters as well. The sharing of ideas between the two groups can be extremely helpful. Although we are US citizens, we are familiar with your area of Germany, as we were a military family stationed there 40+ years ago. Glad to hear you’ve found mostly good sitters, during your time as homeowners. Thanks for sharing pics of your cute little ones :blush:Many folks here agree with a video call being an integral part of the application process. Best of luck with your search for future sitters.

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I can usually get a gut feeling from their application. If they did not put much effort into an introduction letter to me I’m not keen to go further. Obviously I look for great reviews, not just 5 star but read them and look for clues to how they treated the pets & home and how they communicated. Lastly, I either call or do a video call on Whats App if they are on that app. I’ve gotten to that point and gotten a bad feeling and moved on to another sitter. I once, did not trust my gut feeling and won’t do that again!

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