New here and hopeful to find a sitting match

we’re Heike and Harald from Germany (56 and 61) and we are thrilled to have found this platform.
Our two cats, Herr Lehmann and Tante Käthe, are 12 years old and our family! They are used to come and go whenever they like but they stay inside for the longer time of the day.

We’ve had house and cat sitters before, some staying some only coming twice a day for feeding. Our cats are much more relaxed when someone is caring for them and actually lives here in our absence.
As our house has four floors including the ground floor, older people who might have problems with the stairs, would not want to stay, so finding someone to trust is a challenge if you don’t want teenagers. So we are hopeful that we find someone or a couple here.

I guess at the moment with COVID-19 not over yet, it’s safest to accept people from Germany or close by countries. The rules may change too quickly.
What do you think?

My listing hasn’t been put online yet but I would like to ask for tips on how to find the perfect sitters. Are there any no-go’s or is there anything potential sitters appreciate or would definitely like to know?

Greetings Heike and Harald


Hallo @Düsenzofe & Harald welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining from Germany and for introducing us to Herr Lehmann & Tante Kathe we are so happy to have you here. Pets are indeed much happier in their own home and with company, some believe that cats are so independent that they are purrfectly happy being alone, from all the cats I and fellow sitters have sat we would have to disagree, they do love company, perhaps more on their own terms, unlike dogs.

Our members here on the forum are incredibly helpful and supportive you’ll get great advice and sitters come from a wide range of ages and levels of activity so I would not worry about having a limited range to choose from when you create your listing putting as much information as possible will allow sitters to consider your opportunity carefully and decide if it it right for them.

The travel question is still one that is not 100% clear and many more sitters are looking for domestic pet sitting stays … when you listing is published it will of course go to our wider membership and it’s possible that there will be out of country applicants.

There are a number of excellent articles on our website blog to help members who are just starting on their THS journey Like this one …10 questions to ask before your sitter arrives | and you’ll fond more here

Thank you again for joining, enjoy the conversations and connecting with our members from around the world.

Angela and the Team

Hello Angela,
thank you so much for your warm welcome!
I am going to browse more through all the informative posts and hope that my listing will be successful.
Thanks again

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For me who has been doing this for awhile photos of where we are calling home for awhile and the more information about your area is crucial. I love history and scenic areas so I for one look for that kind of information when I scan through opportunities. Some sitters like to have access to cities. For us after decades of travel to Europe we seek out rural sits in our favorite destinations.

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Thank you, Dennis! I focused more on the house than the surroundings and places to see but you definitely have a point there. I will add more information about the area in my profile.

I think your point about the stairs is a good example of information that might be important to many people. When I look at the photos, I want to check out my living space, and want to know that I will have a real bed. If I’m in a guest room, then I don’t need to see your bedroom, for example. I separate bathroom from the owners is ideal, especially if being asked to stay over before or after. When I view photos I’m primarily looking for cleanliness, and I don’t mean perfection. Again, we all have our own standards, but the photos of inside really help me assess that. As it’s unlikely I’ll have my own vehicle, once we have more freedom to travel, then if I can get around without a car, that’s good to know. Otherwise, whether a car is available for basic use.


Yes I understand that when you travel to foreign countries you might not arrive by car, however if it was me I would prefer a car rental to public transport, but it is good to know and then to include information about train stations and buses. I think the general information wether it’s available should be enough, because people being able to use the internet for this platform should be able to also find connections if they know it’s possible.
My problem would be that I never use public transport myself so every traveler who made it here by bus and train knows better than me. :joy:
As we have a car sharing point around the corner this is a useful information, I think, because we cannot provide a car (we’re not allowed to let other people drive, because they are company owned).
Yes, if I had a guestroom my bedroom wouldn’t be important and I wouldn’t show pictures.
It’s very interesting to find out what is important to Sits. We’ve only had people from around here to sit in the last years so telling them about points of interest and sightseeing wasn’t necessary at all.

Hello Heike and Harold
Welcome, you look like a lovely couple.
Where do you live in Germany?
Once it’s easier to travel I’m definitely going to be looking for sits in Europe, and Germany is a country I haven’t travelled to. Berlin is on my bucket list.
All the best

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Hi Sheryl,
we are located 40km from Frankfurt, not far from Heidelberg, Würzburg and Mainz, Wiesbaden. Actually from our home you can reach most of these cities between 1/2 and 1 1/2 hrs.
From Darmstadt and Aschaffenburg there are trains going everywhere and we are in the middle of railroad line connecting these cities.
Where do you come from?


I live in Cheltenham, England

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Just be honest about your needs, your set up, and look at reviews if you want a hassle free holiday.
My husband Michael and myself would love to visit Germany again when things are safer. We are vaccinated.
Good luck with your search! A video chat really helps to get to know potential sitters.


Hallo Heike and Harald! I also live in Germany. You are welcome to cantact me if you need a pet sitter again.
Best regards

Hallo Kristina, ganz herzlichen Dank! Darf ich mich melden wenn etwas mit unseren geplanten Sittern (10.-21.12.) schief ginge?
VG Heike

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All those towns bring back memories. We were a military family stationed in Nuremberg 1979-81 and truly enjoyed our first experience living in Europe. Thanks for sharing your story here @Düsenzofe