Adding new filters to app

So i wanted to throw this out and see thoughts on it but, none of us sitters really get paid to sit and thats fine thats WHAT we signed up for but am i wrong to think or want to be able to filter amenities as well like if i only preffered to have a place with a yacuzzi or a pool stuff like that a lot of us use this app as a vacation opportunity and i think itd make sense to be able to filter some options like this by all means anyone else weigh in

You just never know what you will find. It may say “shower” under those amenities. And yes, there is a hose with a shower head in the bath tub. But it cannot be fixed to the wall, and there is nothing to stop the spray, not even a shower curtain.

Similar with “pool”. How large, how deep is it? Is there any water in it at all?

I dont think the amenities need to be so specific but Homeowners can set different things for different sits as well as mention it in a bio somewhere it wouldnt be hard to make the adjustment to get what we need itd be a simple update to the filters list

It’s possible tech wise to filter for plenty of things. In the context of THS, there’s a balance between enabling folks to choose home features so much that it attracts or enables the wrong kinds of people to become sitters, like more vacationers than pet sitters.

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See thats a totally good way to look at it too but in that context as well most people get sold on the fact that its either free housing basically or that its a cheap vacation instead of getting an airbnb as from the research i did before insigned up that’s exactly like HOW it was sold to me vacation with some chores basically but that shouldnt take away from the fact that people understand they have to pay when they sign up and have a responsibility to the animals that come with it

I don’t know whether you’ve come across this, but some HOs with really nice homes will intentionally undersell their homes — including not mentioning various features — to avoid attracting sitters for the wrong reasons.


We’ve had exactly this @Maggie8K - sauna, large jacuzzi and gentlemen’s bar undisclosed until we arrived! :wink: #verywisetoo


I’d love to filter ‘HO’s car available’ or filter out ‘sitter needs their own car’.

We use our own car for most, but for the further afield ones it would be great.

You can already do that, @HappyDeb. It’s under “More Filters.”


Great, didn’t realise that, thanks :heart_eyes:

Had to do a double take there, in these parts that’s a strip club! :face_with_peeking_eye:

Oops. No, nothing like that. It was rural Belgium @Lindsay - very genteel :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Yup @Maggie8K, a lot of my HOs massively downplay things . They don’t want the type who are looking just for a free and lavish holiday home.

And THS appear to be advertising it that way? So we can hardly blame that demographic for being interested.

I choose smart, nice, well appointed/equipped, spacious places to sit, as that is what my own home is like.

I work online and my time is almost entirely dedicated to the animals. I just love it, as I get a change of scene and the experience of different animals and people. But it takes a decent amount of time & screening to find the right fit.

IMO it is serving neither the HO or sitter for THS to be advertising this as free accommodation/holidays etc. There are enough decent sitters to not have to take that tack and doing so is bringing down the standards in several ways. This is ultimately no good for decent HOs or sitters in the medium to long term.

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I’m with you on this! If the weather is warm then a pool is a must for me. I have spent hours filtering through sits looking for certain amenities. My time is very important so better filters would be appreciated.