HO use of 'Ameneties' and other helpful filters

Suggestion for THS, the ‘tick boxes’ for amenenties should not be optional, either yes/no should be used by the HO. I’ve noticed a lot of HO recently don’t bother to use them and if I have a filter in my saved searches then homes/sits without these options won’t return to me.

What’s the point in having the filters if they aren’t used? It’s not an onerous task for the HO to tick yes/no and would be very helpful to potential sitters.

I’m guessing a lot of HOs don’t do it as they don’t realise what the sitter uses them for on the ‘other side’ of the user experience.


Another reason @Elaine is they have used THS before and just post the same listing without realising there have been changes eg. the new Amenities filter, the requirement of internal photos of rooms sitters will be using.

That’s true but a lot of new users (no feedback from past sitters) don’t do it either. Legacy ones I get, new ones no.

If they don’t post the key things I need, I just skip their listing. I’m guessing I’m not alone.

For example, no indication of internet? Forget it, because I don’t know whether I can telecommute. No indication of how far away the grocery store is? Skip it.

Such HOs probably get fewer and poorer quality applicants. Their loss.

In two years and 31 sits of being full time house sitters, we’ve never used an amenities filter. Ever. Hadn’t even occurred to us. :joy::joy::joy:
PS they’ve all been successful :raised_hands:t3:

lol, agreed, I love how there’s just “Basic Wifi?” so is there even wifi? or is paid? limited? etc? nothing else on the listing under amenities.
I understand filling out the profile for the first time might seem like a big job, however over a few days, I am sure it’s not that huge a task after all it’s your beloved Pets and Home.
Plus HO who don’t update their profiles, additional Pets or sadly ones that have passed, old Photo’s or stock photo’s from when the house was new and just sold.
The best one so far was the Photo’s, they just didn’t seem to match up, when I touched base the HO re the Photo’s and the listing, they had moved about a year before, forgot to update Photo’s.
Anyways, I feel your pain, it’s a good filter for us HS and when there’s nothing in there, it’s dissapointing.
Happy Sitting