Additional Holiday Let to Oversee

I have seen a Home Owner post which I thought might be a match for me & the HO. That is until I read -
“Next door to the house we have a small cottage which is booked for holiday lets, we have cleaners who take care of things on a weekly basis but the guests may want to ask questions so they may knock on the door if they need something or there is a problem”.

My thought about the additional holiday let responsibilities is that it is an unreasonable request for a Pet Sitter to oversee.
So, its simple for me, I dont apply for the sit.
But, more importantly is it within THS Rules?

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Interesting. We are on a sit now where they have Airbnb but we discussed it before as a separate role to the sit and if we we were or open to it. We said yes but are being paid to do it as another role. Not sure if that helps or not? :thinking:


We are on a sit at the moment and there are guests booked into a separate cottage in the grounds. This wasn’t disclosed to us up front as far as I can remember. They have the homeowners contact details for any questions. A cleaner oversees the end of stay cleaning/laundry etc.
Personally I don’t have an issue with it as I have no involvement and as it turns out the couple are lovely.
I do agree such matters should be disclosed and discussed prior to confirmation and then the sitter can make an informed choice as to whether they accept the sit or not.

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Personally, it would not bother us. Anyone is welcome to ask us any question, We can’t guarantee to have all the answers though!

( As a rule of thumb, Dont ask us anything that involves anything invented post-1970! )


I think it’s unreasonable. Asking questions is fine but if something goes wrong you could end up spending a lot of time trying to put things right, I’ve seen that a few owners who have an Airbnb don’t have guests when they’re away. I did a sit where it was advertised they had a cottage which was an Airbnb in the grounds but that I wouldn’t need to be involved. However, when I arrived at the requested 7am on the morning of the owners’ departure I was asked if I’d mind washing the bed linen and towels twice! Cheeky! I did but told them it wasn’t part of the service

@Colin - like I always say one new thing goes into my brain and two fall out!

Nope. We have had this and we’re firm to say that we do not want extra guests to stay in the air bnb. They blocked off the dates.

We already have enough responsibility I’m not adding property manager to that list. I pay good money to my property manager to handle my own rental back home.

It’s all ok until the cottage springs a leak or there’s an emergency. It’s easier to just avoid the scenario

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I am not sure what THS rules are about this–I personally don’t think there should be one against it if there is. If a HO has a rental property that they would like assistance with, sitters who wouldn’t want that responsibility can simply choose not to apply. I am sure there are many people who wouldn’t mind, though I personally skip those listings. In many of them, I do notice the HO’s often offer compensation.


Hi @dma providing the Third Party Rule is not breached and visitors do not share the same property/entrance/living space and sitters are not required to perform any Airbnb/Guest duties while on the sit then the owner/PP is entitled to manage their own business accordingly.

However everything associated with the sit has to be agreed before the arrangement is confirmed, there should be no “Oh and by the way” on arrival or surprises during the sit … unless they are good ones of course.

IF any member is ever in any doubt about their sit/sitter or any aspect of a listing or arrangement they need to take the matter to the Membership Services Team for help, advice and clarity.

I didn’t think something like that would be allowed with THS?

We organised the sit privately in the end @Globetrotter even though the intro was through THS as it seemed easier than going through all the Ts & Cs.

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