Advice needed

Hi all! I’m Carla, mama to Ella, my husky.
She’s having gastroenteritis issues.
Can anyone recommend any trucks to help her or medication?

Thank you, for any advice :heart:

How severe are the problems? If she has had frequent loose or liquid stools you should consult your vet as she can become dehydrated. If she is also vomiting you should call the vet right away. She may need medication. A course of metronidazole can treat many of the bugs a dog can pick up from eating something bad. Or there may be another cause, but your vet is the one to ask.


Hi Carla @Carla_Mac.14,

Welcome to the forum! What a beauty Ella is! While I am not a vet I would feel uncomfortable offering advice as it seems best to discuss with a vet so they can offer the most informed advice on this. What I can say is my heart goes out to you and Ella as it is always so difficult to see our precious pets in pain.


Hi Carla @Carla_Mac.14 pet parent/owner members have access to the 24/7 Professional Veterinary Helpline you will find details here >>>

There are helpful articles on the website Blog however for any unexplained and concerning pet health issues always consult a veterinary professional.

We hope Ella gets well very soon …

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Just a thought, my boxer is prone to frequent gastrointestinal issues. We had to reduce the fat content down to 10-12% in her food, cut out all fatty treats, and NO extra bits off the plate. Those changes have done wonders and reduced her discomfort tremendously… Also, the prescribed probiotics actually exacerbated the diarrhea. We use Go kibble and rotate the protein formula every couple bags.


Hi Mars!
Thank you for your advice

No she’s not having any of those symptoms, she just not eating dry food. vomited once the dry food.
she eats pure chicken but if I give her can of dog food she rejects it.
seems to have difficulty eating dry food.
Vet said she’s fine, she’s energetic and playful. but I see her struggle with dry food.
Vet said she’s just being spoiled but I see she has issues with dry food.

This may seem really odd, but one of our recent housesit dogs was allergic to meat! It took the owners ages to find out why the dog remained poorly, and they kept trying new food etc…and in the end one bright spark vet suggested they cut out meat and it worked! This is obviously a one-in-a-million situation, but I just thought I’d mention it.

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Get her to a vet! That’s the only advice. You are being unfair to the dog if you don’t and that’s irresponsible? Sorry if that sounds harsh but that’s the hard truth of the matter. A magnificent looking dog, You owe it to her to take her to a vet.