Dog struggled to poop last night and this morning

Update: The dog had a bowl movement tonight! It wasn’t super soft but it was good enough. She didn’t like the pumpkin puree but I was able to get extra liquids into her by giving beef bone broth by itself and for dinner, I had the dry dog food soaking in it and she at it all. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!

I’m watching a 6 yr old husky and I noticed she tried pooping for a little while last night and was unsuccessful. I took her for her normal walk this morning and she tried again but was struggling a bit. It didn’t fully come out but rather a small amount was sticking out of her butt so I pulled out what I could and it was not soft like normal poop but rather hard. The last time I saw her have a normal poop was on our walk 48 hours ago. I’ve never had to deal with a blockage situation before but wanted to know at what point I should get concerned? With her long hair, I did shower off as much as I could off her fur and a.n.u.s and now everytime I go near her bottom, she runs off because she wants me to leave her alone. I’ve contacted the homeowner and she said she normally just lets nature take its course. I contacted the vet line and they ask a lot of questions but provides no advice except to contact the pet parent or a vetinarian. How do I add moisture so that she can relieve her constipation and how many days can a dog not poop before it get critical.

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Constipation related things can get serious pretty quick if ignored. You’ve done all the right things so far and informed the owner but if there’s no poop in the next day or so, it could be a trip to the vet who will be able to diagnose and usually administer laxatives and enema. The quicker you get onto it then it can potentially avoid a bigger problem if the stools continue to build up and harden further so it’s a bit of a judgement call.

She could have a blockage which is the worry. Try and get more fluids into her, add water to biscuits or food or a bit of flavouring to her water like chicken juice or something to encourage her.

It’s a waiting game really just keep the owner informed. Keep an eye out for any other symptoms in the meantime like vomiting lethargy etc. then you’ll have to take her in straight away.

thank you @Enjaybee . So far no other symptoms that are concerning. If she doesn’t poop by morning, I think I will make an appointment to the vet. I asked the homeowner for permission to try unsweetened pumpkin puree. I can see poop right at the opening but she won’t let me near it now because I was trying to remove the part that was sticking out and washing back there.

Hot compress with an old towel or rag. Give her some treats while you do this. Don’t rub anything, just let the heat and steam penetrate.

Fluids is the right idea. I will also do a bit of an edible oil (olive, coconut) if it’s not a cause for concern.

Good luck!

@IHeartAnimals , call the dog’s regular vet as soon as you can. They will know the dog’s history and be able to advise you. They may tell you do give the dog Miralax or pumpkin puree or something else or they may want you to bring her in. I would not give the dog oil of any kind unless suggested by the vet as oil can tax a dog’s pancreas.

thank you @mars I just gave her beef bone broth for dogs which the owner had in her pantry mixed with water to increase water content. PP said we could try the pumpkin puree so I will run out and get some and then talk with her tonight. Dog is acting normal and happy but won’t let me near her butt anymore. I guess she got annoyed with how long I was trying to wash that area this morning. I will only give her stuff that the PP gives me permission to give

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Good luck to both you and the pooch. You are going about everything correctly, IMHO.

My puppy used to eat socks and gloves, so I learned a lot about how to get things on the inside back on the outside. Gross but she did eventually grow out of it.

I’m not a vet and I graciously defer to any pro, but here’s what I remember:
Mineral oil is a good laxative because it’s tasteless, it lubricates, but it’s indigestible. You only add 1 tsp. for every 11 lbs the dog weighs. Add the oil into the dog’s food, or something else appealing like chicken and rice.

Get it from a PHARMACY not a grocery store - pure mineral oil, not blended with linseed, flaxseed, etc.

thank you @MissChef She just had a poop just a little while ago!!



Congratulations :grin:

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I hope this message finds you well. @IHeartAnimals, thank you for the update on your husky. It’s always concerning when our furry friends face health issues, and I appreciate your efforts to address the situation.

In dealing with constipation in dogs, it’s crucial to consider various factors that might contribute to the issue. I’m not a veterinarian, but I can offer some general suggestions based on common practices.

Firstly, it’s great that you’ve reached out to the homeowner and the vet line. However, since you haven’t received specific advice, here are a few recommendations that might help alleviate your husky’s constipation:

  1. Hydration: Ensuring your dog stays hydrated is key. You’ve already tried pumpkin puree and beef bone broth, which are excellent choices. Additionally, you can try adding a bit more water to her dry dog food to increase moisture intake.
  2. Fiber-rich Foods: Consider incorporating fiber-rich foods into her diet, such as plain canned pumpkin (without added sugars or spices) or cooked sweet potatoes. These can promote regular bowel movements.
  3. Regular Exercise: Regular exercise, like daily walks, can stimulate bowel movements. However, be mindful not to overexert her, especially if she’s uncomfortable.

As for your question about how many days a dog can go without pooping, it’s advisable to consult with a veterinarian for a more accurate assessment based on your husky’s specific situation.

In the meantime, continue monitoring her closely for any signs of distress, and if the issue persists or worsens, seek professional veterinary advice promptly.

IHeartAnimals, I hope your husky feels better soon. If anyone else in the community has additional insights or advice, please feel free to share.

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this post was from 4 months ago

and the good news was shared on 17 August

@abigailgonzalez93 Thank you for your detailed reply. The husky finally had a poop and the pet parents had assured me that this was normal during the hot summer months. They stated her bowels really slowed down. The entire house was on a no carb eating routine but I did ask them if I could feed pure pumpkin and they said yes.


It’s not really normal. In the summer months a husky needs a lot more water.

She did get impacted once and some stool softener did the trick. She takes a small daily dose now.