Depressed dog

Hi all, looking for any advice or ideas from other sitters. We’ve been on this sit for four weeks and have one more week to go and the dog is showing signs of severe depression. I genuinely don’t think she is sick, there are no physical symptoms of illness but we have offered the PP to take her to the vet ( three days ago) and they said to wait. We are keeping in close contact with the PP.

She is lethargic, off her food and just generally quiet, doesn’t want to play etc. She doesn’t go for walks normally even with her owners she just refuses so we can’t take her out anywhere. It’s a big personality change from when we arrived. We’re not leaving her at home alone, offering treats and lots of attention. The PP is trying to see if they can get a family member to come visit her for a familiar face but just wondering if anyone has any other ideas or advice.

I’m mostly worried that she’s not eating properly with still a week to go :cry:

Edit: I know these could be signs of illness just that there is nothing obviously wrong

Maybe have the HO overnight an item of clothing with their smell on it. Might comfort the dog.


Thanks, we can give her a blanket from the PP bed so that might help :blush:

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I hope the poor baby gets better. I feel bad for her.

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@DKNZ have you contacted the Trusted Housesitter’s 24/7 vet line?

I hope that everything turns out alright for the dog. It must be worrisome for you and the PP.


Me too😢…………

How old is the dog, and what breed? Have you called the veterinary phone line offered through Trusted Housesitters? As a physician, many possible diagnoses come to mind—low thyroid function, anemia, kidney disease, liver disease, heart failure, cancer, issue with teeth/mouth causing pain with eating, neurological issue, infection, etc. Some of these do not cause “obvious” symptoms. Vets know what is common, though, and evaluate in a step-wise fashion to keep costs contained. Just some common blood tests can rule out many of these diagnoses.


@PVGemini thank you for the reply, yes there could definitely be underlying causes, unfortunately the PP didn’t think we needed to take her to the vet at this stage but calling the THS line is a good idea.

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I hope the dog feels better soon. My parents went on a vacation once with me and my husband. My brother watched the dogs and one of them got depressed and wasn’t herself. She would just stand by my parents door. When we walked in, she was confused and realized she wasn’t abandoned. It took her a little bit to realize my parents were back and then she returned back to her normal self. Maybe this dog will do the same thing. In the meantime I hope he/she will drink water to fight dehydration until the PP gets back


So sad/cute.
I went on a last-minute business trip and had to board my cat. The only option was PetSmart. When I went to pick him up, he looked shell-shocked. I felt terrible. They had stuck him on the top cage (you needed a step ladder to reach) and there were barking dogs all around. Lots of extra loving, STAT!

That’s the sad thing with pets — they don’t know we’re leaving for only a certain period and are coming back. For all they know, we’ll never come back.

Our dog gets mopey whenever my husband or I leave the house. He sits at the door and waits for us. Even when we travel together and are all in a hotel room together, if one of us goes out, he sits on the bed and waits, looking at the door to see when we’ll return. And that’s with one of us still at home or in the hotel room with him.

Imagine the poor dogs that really do get dumped and abandoned. My heart breaks for them and the human dumpers are disgusting.

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