Advice Please: Montreal Hidden Gems

My husband and I are planning to spend August in Montreal, and it will be the first time there for both of us. We love listening to good music (jazz, blues, rock) in settings large and small, participating in local festivals, taking in great museum exhibits, and eating yummy food in out-of-the-way places. Do you know of any hidden gems we might enjoy, or resources for finding such hidden gems in Montreal (eg, the local events listing)? Thank you for your help. :pray:


@karenE-Moderator, I think it is so exciting you are getting to spend so much time traveling the World and seeing AND experiencing many, many adventures. I poked around on the internet and found this festival site for the month of August. Hope this gives you a little start:
Summer 2022 is festival season in Montréal! | Tourisme Montréal (

Sounds like it will be a blast!!!

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Have so much fun @KarenE-Moderator !!! Wish I could hop in your suitcase and partake in the festivities. I’ve never been to Montreal, but found this article online with some fun suggestions.

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Thanks @Debbie-Moderator!

Thanks @Julie-Moderator!

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It’s 10 years since I was last there, but it’s one of my favourite cities. You’ll definitely have to eat Poutine - try Poutine La Banquise which is open 24hours. I always used to go to the Bluegrass night at Barfly on a Sunday which is off the tourist trail and frequented by locals. Mont Royal is a definite place to visit, and there is Les Tam-tams du mont Royal on a Sunday.

Hello ! I am from Montréal area. Make sure to use the subway (métro) system to avoid the traffic always dense in the city. You can also rent a BIXI ( a bike with many stations that will lead you to all the over the town). You may want to take a drink on the 8th floor of Terrasse William Gray : beautiful views of Montréal. The “Cirque du Soleil” is also in town with it’s new show " Kooza" . At night, why not download the app. “Montréal en histoires” (and then discover different stories with projections on the buildings walls. Who wants to hear about Joe"s Beef Funeral ? :slight_smile:
Here is the official "what to do " that is pretty relevant
Enjoy !

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Thanks @Andrew. Its funny you mentioned Bluegrass night: we love bluegrass. I didnt mention it in my question because i assumed there wouldnt be any bluegrass that far north. Bad assumption obviously! :rofl:

Oh @Brigitte. Thank you much!

When I went, it used to start around midnight and finish about 3am! Then we went out for poutine or smoked beef sandwiches at Main Deli Steak House - but it now seems to start at 9pm (which is much more reasonable for a Sunday night!).

At this stage in my life starting at 9pm sounds much better! :joy: :sleeping: