Meet up Montreal May/June

Hi all!

I’ll be in Montreal from May 22 - June 12 if anyone else will be there and wants to meet up!



Hi @Lori and thank you for posting a meet up in beautiful Montreal. Fingers crossed there will be members in the area and are able to meet-up for your dates. :crossed_fingers:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

@Samox24 you are spot on with your description of Montreal, what a great place for a meetup thank you @Lori, anything we can do to help you share the message, that goes for anyone arranging meetups we are here to help you connect with the community …

This is an old share from NG (2017) but the city will not have changed that much :wink: :canada: :wink:

Photo Credit: National Geographic

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Thanks, Samox24 and Angela!

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Hi Lori !
Montrealer here ! (close-by). Would be happy to meet you sometimes before June 6th as I then leave to petsit Dandelion, a golden, in Maine USA.

Which part of Montreal will you be living in ? Let’s have this meet-up work.

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Hi Brigitte!

Thanks for responding! I will be on Nuns’ Island. Where are you?

I just got here, so I don’t know anything yet, but am open to meet anywhere. I work in the AM during the week, but am pretty flexible afternoons and weekends.

Hello Lori. Where are you from ?

I live outside of Montreal, in Joliette but go regularly to the city.
Saturday, May 27th would be good time for me. What about you ?

There’s a café in old Montréal I never went to but I heard good comments about. Beautiful place.
Crew Collective et Café, 360 rue St-Jacques, Old Montréal.

Would you like it ? What about 1:30 pm ?

Wow! I can’t be there but this looks wonderful. It’s really great when a local knows about these cool places.


I live in L.A. Thanks for the suggestion Brigette. The time and place sounds wonderful!

See you Saturday!

[Summer finally arriving in Montréal]

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