Our community connects - Meetup Pix June 2022

We’ve enjoyed seeing our members and mods out and about in the “real life” community - one that extends across the world. Wherever you are you’ll be surprised how often there’s someone close by.

Just look at all those smiling faces, having fun! We’d love to see more of you connecting and enjoying time with each other!

Here are links to some other meetup threads and shout outs for get togethers:

If you’re in London on 26th July, @Amparo is on a mission to get together the biggest forum get-together yet:

To search for more meetups just use the “spyglass” symbol top right of the screen - type MEETUP and select “In all topics & posts” and you’ll find a list of opportunities!

Enjoy & have fun connecting!


This is really very exciting. I see how this as a trendies opportunity on multiple levels. Meeting other members gives so much greater insight on how we as members make this work. We learn so much from each other, networking, sharing ideas, connecting and even recommendations for specific places and people we have had experience with.
It also has potential to network with local pet communities and businesses.
Besides it’s fun.
Hope to see you out there.