Interested in arranging house sitter member meetups - general

Greetings - Wondering if any other sitters might be interested in ‘meet-ups’ (of course during Covid, outdoors) while on sits.
Some of the places I sit, I know people and catch up with old friends, but in others I don’t.
Anyhow here are my next few sits and dates if anyone is interested -
Denver - April 18-23
Portland - April 26-May 9
Take care.


Hi Tom. There are quite a few sitters who’ve expressed an interest in finding ways to meet up with other sitters who are nearby. My husband and I won’t be in those areas at those times, but maybe one day soon we’ll be able to meet.

Enjoy your sits and travels!


Thank you for the suggestion. If I was travelling at this time I would have liked to meet up with another house sitter


HI @Kathy welcome to our community forum thank you for joining it’s a great way to connect with other members and share in experiences with like minded travellers.

We look forward to getting to know you better.

Angela and the team

If anyone is ever sitting in Kelowna (post-COVID), let us know! We are always happy to meet fellow sitters. :slight_smile:


@toml - I’m assuming you mean Portland, OR … I’ll be in Vancouver, WA April 28 - May 1st visiting some friends from Boston for the anniversary of my 29th birthday … :slight_smile: :birthday:

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I came across this thread before my first house sit and now I’m here! Anyone in Indiana ???

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Hi @Kit11 welcome to our community forum and so glad you have joined us from Indiana. We have members here from all over the US and rest of the world I’m sure you’ll connect with a fellow Indianian … if that’s not the correct term I apologize.
Enjoy the conversations and thank you again we cannot wait to share in your THS journey, thank you for being part of our story.

Angela & the Team

I wondered too & did a wee search. Folks from Idiana are often commonly called Hoosiers

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What a great idea! As full time house sitters and digital nomads we’re always looking for ways to meet people. What’s better than meeting others sitters? And homeowners for that matter!

We sadly won’t be in your upcoming areas, but will be in Southern California for the coming months.


There was a band call the Hoosiers. They were English but formed in Indianapolis. I saw them in Princes St Gardens Edinburgh.

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Sorry I missed you. I lost the link to this thread. Hope you had a good birthday. I’m having fun with a little dog named Sam.

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This would be a great thing. Being a lone sitter it would be super to be able to meet other sitters if any were in the same area.
I do belong to other groups on FB for lone travellers( women) who are happy to meet and greet. I have done this in my home city for ladies travelling and staying in Edinburgh.

@Angela-HeadOfCommunity Am I right in thinking no THS members only group available on FB?
:thinking:Tech guys on THS could probably do a meet and greet page here easily enough. ( says me with absolutely no tech knowledge) :smile:


Hi @fyfie a great suggestion.

There is no THS members only Facebook group, the Forum was created to provide a safe place away from Social Media, a place we could own as members.

We are looking at many ways of making the forum the “Go To” place for every community member to connect, share, learn, grow, discover and be inspired, where we collectively help each other be successful and get the very best from the THS membership …

We’d even love to have a pet page, but if cats could write they probably wouldn’t.

Through the forum and Membership Services we are listening to our members, more importantly we are hearing you. Bringing members together whether that is virtually or in person, is one of our main goals.

Thank you for being part of our journey.


Updating with some meet-up info for me -
I’m going to be in Long Beach, CA June 13-19 and then Walnut Creek, CA June 19-26.


Updating again - I was going to be in Madison, Wi this week, but the HO got sick so we cancelled.
Will be in Alhambra, CA (near LA) August 1-8 if anyone is interested. Have use of a car so could get about a bit.


Currently in SMA, Mexico and would be delighted to connect with other TrustedHousesitters here at this time. I’ve already met two fellow sitters happenstance! Please share if you’re around. I have four weeks remaining on my housesit.

Hi everyone! I’m going to be on a sit in Kona Hawaii 10/24 to 11/19. Anyone want to meet up? I have a vehicle and a break from 11/8 to 11/16. I have no idea where to stay for that week yet, but I’m willing to pop over to another island…especially Oahu! Let me know if anyone is interested! Thank you!:blush::blush::blush:


How wonderful. Enjoy.

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Great :+1: you love the beach.

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