Meetup with other sitters!

I’m interested in meeting other sitters in my area. Is there a place where we can post where we currently are in the world in hopes of connecting with like-minded people?
Bella in Central Florida USA


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I’ve got a sit in Kona for most of September 2022. If anyone would like to meet up let me know. I met up with other sitters while in Miami and it was great! :smile: Happy Travels!

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Hi Sherry that’s a very good question. I think this is the place! I Posted that I was looking for sitters to meet up with last year and met two wonderful ladies we had a great time! But my posting was just in the general page before they moved it to a separate “Topic”a? If any of you administrators are reading this and have any input, feel free!:blush: Good luck Sherry! (I will be in the Florida Keys all of August and Hawaii all of September…If you gotta sit there we could connect! :slightly_smiling_face: Happy Travels! I :heart:THS!


Hi @Lizindesun once you decide on a place, day and time simply create a topic with MeetUp and details in the heading and post in Travel Meetups and events …here’s a great example of one being arranged in London on August 6th

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Thank you Angela!

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