Meetup with other sitters!

I’m interested in meeting other sitters in my area. Is there a place where we can post where we currently are in the world in hopes of connecting with like-minded people?
Bella in Central Florida USA


Hi Cheri now that members are able to travel once more we will look at how we can help connect our community on and off line … meet ups are great way of doing this.


There’s another thread here with some people who are interested.

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Hi Cheri,
We live in Central Florida also and would love to have a sitter for our 2 sweet cats (1 yr. old).
Some of our time away is just a few days. Would you be interested in coming to Davenport? (15 min. from Disney).


Hi @Joandcarl1 welcome to our community forum and thank you for joining us from the sunshine State of Florida.

You have a lovely home and your 2 kitties Lulu and Boog are absolutely adorable and you are situated in a super location. There is still time to August 11th your first date, there are sitters looking to travel more and more.

You can also renew your dates which will position your listing in the new daily opportunities, if you need help with this do let me know.

Welcome again, enjoy connecting with our community members, who are very helpful and supportive especially to our new members and we look forward to sharing in your THS journey.

Angela and the Team

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Yes sitter night for specific area’s , city. I would love to.

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Would love. Until end September Florida .han France and Christmas Canada> Starting March i also would love long sit in FLL or West Coast Florida.

We just happen to have a house sit booked in Kelowna from October 6-11!

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Matt and I love Kelowna. I met a lovely retired teacher in Adelaide, South Australia. Gene and I were friends from 2003-2016. She split her time 6 months in Australia and 6 months at her home in Kelowna. Matt and I visited her for 5 days on our way to a Penticton cat sit.

Where are you located Cheri? We live in New Westminster, B.C. so Kelowna will be just a nice break away for us on the Thanksgiving weekend.

I’m currently with Matt sitting a home in Central Florida until mid-November 2021.
We want to return to Canada in summer should COVID-19 restrictions no longer prevent us.

I was wondering where you live in Canada. Enjoy Florida!

I am not a resident of Canada.

Hello everybody.
I will be in Port st Lucie Florida starting 15 September. Anybody around?

You will be 115 miles from us in Poinciana, Florida.
Matt & Bella

Until when you are at this place. September 26 will be driving to Orlando. If you are around, we can have a drink

I would like to meet you Vanessa. I am coming to Europe next month. Have some free time trying to fill. Also perhaps travel and can meet you.

I will be in Paris France just for fun October 27. Any body for tourism or fun?