London meet up Oct 23-29th

We will be in the London area for a couple sits would like to meet up with any other sitters in the area. We will be in the southeast part of the city(Greenwich) from Oct 23-29 an the north London (Muswell Hill) from Nov 4-12. We’ll also be somewhere in the city in between sits. The first sit is for a cat so we’ll have time to explore and the second one is with a public transit expert dog!
If anyone wants to get together for coffee or a beer, let us know.
Dan and Nan

Hi Guys,
I am based in north west London (when not sitting!). I will be around in October. I may be around in November. Love to meet up.
Let me know what works best?


Hi @Danandnan and thank you for starting a meet up :clap:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

I have attached an article with some great suggestions for dog friendly pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants for your 2nd sit in the Muswell Hill area. Hopefully something there might catch your eye, hopefully the pooch will approve too! :dog:

Fingers crossed there will be members in the area for your dates. :blush:



I live in London and am a full-time sitter so happy to meet either Oct 23-29th or in November.

Let me know if you would like to meet.



Hello @richten1 !
Wed love to meet up. Let us work on getting my plans together and see when we can. You can message me with any days or timeframes that would work best for you.
Dan and Nan

Hello @martacs75!
We’ll look at our schedule and see what would work out. I’ll message you soon!
Dan and Nan

Thank you @Samox24 That will help out a great deal!

Dan and Nan

@Danandnan very welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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That sounds great! Looking forward to meeting you, Dan and Nan!

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