October in London

We live in East London and have a maltipoo and it will be the first time we are leaving her. If you are free please DM me. thank you.

Hello. I am a sitter but am not in your area. May I suggest that you contact @Angela-CommunityManager or @Therese-MembershipService as to suggestions and ways they can help promote your listing, if you are concerned that the sit date is quickly approaching? For example, they promote on social media, at times, provided they first have your approval. It’s just that if everyone starts posting their sits on the forum, the true intent of the forum will be lost.

I hope you find a good fit for your needs, and wish you safe travels.

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HI @erahman welcome to the forum and thank you @Snowbird for guiding and helping.

I have also sent you a Direct Message.

Your sit is not until the 20th October and I realise you may feel the forum is the place to advertise your listing after all we are all members, however the very best place to manage your listing is on the website as you can target sitters in your area or who are available in the UK for your dates.

I’ve just checked your listing, your little one is adorable and It’s great to see that you already have received applications … you can also reach out to sitters by searching in your local area via “Find A Sitter” and if you connect with Membership Services they will help and advise. I

Thank you again for joining our community, we hope you will explore the forum and of course please feel free to ask questions which could help you manage your listing, our members are very helpful and support.

You still have time to find your sitter.

Angela and the Team