Need some help

Hello I was recommended to THS as we have been let down by my regular dog sitter. Our trip is 2nd to 10th April which is only a couple of weeks away and covers Easter. I am now thinking it will be too late to find someone. We live in Isleworth/Twickenham which is great for public transport & has lovely river walks, oldie type pubs lots of eating places and parks. Also close to Richmond & London. Any tips on how to attract house/dog sitters at short notice ?
Many thanks Shirley, Paul & Toffee xx

Hi @fishersh
Just to extend a warm welcome to the forum.

Please do add your listing to your forum profile so other members will be able to see and give you some advice.

You certainly are in a lovely spot. I remember doing a lovely sit in Twickenham, and everything was very accessible with public transport. The beauty of London and surrounds. :grinning:

Best wishes
Therese and the forum team.

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Hello @fishersh , I’ve found your listing and would make some suggestions:

  • you need a more compelling first picture, probably one of Toffee (who is very cute). You’ll need to add a photo of her to the ‘House’ section and tick the ‘cover photo’ button
  • re-take some of your House photos - declutter especially the kitchen and bathroom (it only needs to be for the photo! and I dont mean make it bare either :D)
  • change the order of the photos too for a more logical/flowing order

And more information about Toffee would be great:

  • how long can she be left for (whilst your sitters take advantage of that train to London)
  • is she spayed
  • does she walk well on a lead, what’s her recall like, are there areas suitable for off-lead walks
  • what games does she like, what commands does she know (just to get an idea of her personality)?

Have a look at other postings and pinch their good ideas. If you were a sitter, what would you want to know about the house, the location, the pet(s)?


Thank you for your tips I will have a look later and update with some of your suggestions :blush:

Hi @fishersh , if you link your listing to your forum profile name then we can all take a look to see if we can offer any advice - this is how to do that -

@ketch has great suggestions. I would also check all the amenities that homeowners can choose from.

Add details about public transport. I assume there is excellent public transport, so mention that, especially to the train station for London trains… Can sitters walk to grocery stores, pubs, etc? State how far they are, not (“10 minutes walk” because everyone walks at different speeds). How far is the river?

Use the headline to sell the sit. Only the first few words show on a thumbnail, so those are the most important. “London area, easy dog…” for example.

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