Hello everyone from Gorleston-on-Sea

Hi, my name is Paula and I live in Gorleston-on-Sea with my husband Lee and our four dogs, Buddy, Rudy (cocker spaniels, father and son), Jovi and Dotty (dachshunds, sisters). We are new to THS and looking for sitters for our fab fur babies.


Hello from down the A12 in Chelmsford! Welcome to the forum and I hope when you put your listing on the site that you find your perfect sitter. You live in a lovely area and I’m sure you won’t struggle to attract sitters.
Make sure you have clear photos that include where the sitter will sleep, their bathroom, outside area (in case the sun shines) and lots of info about the dogs routines and needs. This is how to link your listing to your forum profile, feel free to ask for feedback, it’s worth having others take a peek.
Good luck, we love being sitters :grin:

Hi Daisy999 thank you for your advice, I have added my listing to my forum profile. Any feedback would be appreciated.

@Carla @Jenny good afternoon to you both, I can’t see that @Paulab1 profile is linked to her forum account, could you assist please?
Thank you.

Found you on the main site. The listing is very good, only things I would add are;

How are the dogs on the lead and could one person manage them? Are they reactive to other dogs? How long do they need walking for?

Where do they sleep?

If sitters are using public transport, mention your local train station and the line it’s on and how long from London, you could add you are only 20 mins from Norwich airport (and if you’d be willing to collect from airport or the station).

Apart from that, I think it’s just fine.

Hey there, I took a look at your listing. Your title, pictures, profile picture and intro are all lovely. You have some nice descriptions of the home and location, but I would suggest breaking the info up and simplifying with bullet points or subheadings, as large walls of text with no paragraphs is a lot digest at once. I would also mention how far public transport is from your home on foot.

Your responsibilities section is certainly well written, but I think you are asking quite a lot of sitters to not leave the dogs any longer than 4 hours. It may be possible to find somebody who also works from home, but even still, a sitter should have plenty of opportunity to see and explore the area, as this is as much of a cultural & travel exchange as it is a pet sitting service. If it takes, say, an hour to get somewhere on public transport, and an hour back, a sitter only has 2 hours to see a place, which is not ideal for many sitters on THS. You are also asking sitters to take all 4 dogs out very early in the morning before 8am, which may not suit many people. Your timings appear quite fixed/rigid and do not seem to offer much flexibility for sitters.

Can you show a little more flexibility, and can you mention if the dogs are able to go on car or public transport trips with the sitter to allow them more time to see an area? I would also recommend that your sit is best suited to couples, as 4 dogs for 1 sitter may be quite a lot to handle.

Just some things to think about! Hope that helps :blush:


Thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated. I have made some changes to our listing to incorporate your suggestions.

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Thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated. I have made some changes to our listing to incorporate your suggestions.


@Paulab1 - I have put your listing on your forum profile so members can now see it immediately to offer any more advice. I see you have got some lovely advice from @Daisy999 and @Nagy26.

Wow, what a gorgeous 4-paw family! :paw_prints:


How far away is the allotment from the house?
It sounds like it’s separate?
If I was looking after 4 dogs and also required to walk somewhere else to water an allotment, there is no way I would consider this as an unpaid assignment.

Hi Andrea, The allotment is the end part of the garden. We have fenced it off so the pups can’t get in and eat all the plants :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

OK, that sounds a lot better. I think it would be good to explain that further in your ad.
To me, it sounded like a place further away.