New Member from Suffolk UK

Hey everyone
I just thought id introduce myself. I have been a member previously but took a break over the Covid era.
I’m Michelle and live with my soon to be hubby Jack, we have 2 gorgeous fur babies Orla (a cocker spaniel) and Harry (a spanish rescue).
We live in sunny Suffolk in a little village called Red Lodge. I like to get involved in animal rights campaigns etc, basically anything to stand up for animals.
We love to travel both in the UK and further. We have our own converted camper van where we like to take the doggies away with us but also venture over seas when we are always looking for dog lovers to look after our babies & keep them safe whilst we are away.
I would love some advice on how best to attract sitters etc, how long would you expect an advert to be up before receiving sit offers as it makes me very nervous booking a holiday without sorting someone to look after the pooches prior but I’m guessing you have to trust the process
Anyway thats it so Hey :raising_hand_woman:


Hello @Chelle83 and welcome to the forum. I see you were previously a member and are back with us again…so welcome back to TrustedHousesitters. Can I just say…you have a couple of real cuties there!

First of all, congratulations on your soon to be nuptials. Such an exciting and busy time. Many new adventures await you!

I see you have already linked your member profile to your forum profile which is great as it will give you added exposure to other members who can help you with any questions you may have about finding a sitter along the way.

In regards to your question about receiving applications for your dates, I feel yours are far enough out that you may receive some soon by those sitters who are trying to plan ahead but don’t be alarmed if you don’t see many until a month or so beforehand. So many people are still worried about sits being cancelled due to travel delays or even travel restrictions coming back into play. We are just living in different times than a few years ago.

Good luck and once again…congratulations!


Hi @Chelle83 and welcome back to THS! Since you last listed, THS has brought in that photos of the sitter’s bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living area need to be included as this was seen as a red flag by many sitters on the forum. You just need to add the bedroom and bathroom photos. I’d probably have the cute photo of the two dogs as your first photo rather than the house. You could also mention exactly how far/long you walk the dogs and do they walk well onlead as I notice you mention Orla is very headstrong. Perhaps this needs clarifying. Can they be left alone for about 4 hours so sitters can have time away to explore the area occasionally? I can see you already have 1 applicant for your week in July. The October dates may be a little too far ahead, especially as it is only for a short sit.
See how you go but you can always remove your listing and re-advertise a couple of months out rather than leave your listing advertised and it gets lost in the hundreds of listings! Your membership may allow you to boost your listing but I wouldn’t do that yet as you can only do this once. All the best.