Hello from East Yorkshire, we're new so please bear with

Hi everyone, new to forums, so bear with me if I get it wrong. We’ve just moved to East Yorkshire with our 2 lovely ex-rescue Shih Tzus and have no real support network for when we’re away. I don’t like the idea of kennels, as one of the boys is an elderly gentleman who gets stressed without his partner in crime & his humans around him, so in theory this format would be ideal.

Any help is appreciated, as we love our boys to bits & their welfare is paramount to us


Welcome @CasaAlMaré! May I ask where in East Yorkshire you are based? I have previously lived in Hull and Beverley (beautiful town!) so very familiar with the area. Your Shih Tzus sound amazing. I have no doubt you’ll find someone who would love to look after them while you’re on your travels. Have you posted an ad yet, or still considering joining? Either way, wishing you the best of luck!

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Hi @anon80172330, we live in Hornsea. Only just moved across from West Yorkshire & loving it.

I’ve joined & posted an ad with dates etc so :crossed_fingers:


Hi @CasaAlMaré :hugs:

Thank you for joining our community forum. You are going to find it is filled with answers to most, if not all, of your questions and enquiries.

TrustedHouseSitters is a great alternative to stressful kennels, especially if your older pup is easily stressed. I see you also mentioned they are rescues, thank you so much for saving their lives and choosing to adopt. We would love to see some photos of them if you don’t mind sharing on this thread :heart_eyes:

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Have a great day!

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I thought I’d send the link to our listing, please visit & read up about my 2 little boys & my beautiful little seaside town

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