Hi from East Yorkshire!

Hi everyone,

I’ve finally taken the plunge to join the forum as we are considering joining as house sitters and so thought this would be a good place to glean information and advice beforehand! We live just outside the village of North Ferriby in East Yorkshire (we can view the Humber Bridge from the rear of the property).

We are a family of 4 (myself, my husband and our two children who will shortly be 10 and 8). I’m an Activities Co-ordinator working part time in a small residential home and my husband is self-employed. We are huge animal lovers and would love an opportunity to help look after lots as well as gaining new experiences on new adventures either all together or just myself with the children.

I look forward to getting to know you all!


Hi @KatieH and welcome! You are going to find so much useful information here on the forum…both from other members as well as the TrustedHousesitters team. I hope you will find this forum will excite you to join as we are all a great group of Furbaby lovers…As sitters, we love the opportunity to snuggle up with a few pets and give them the love and security they need while their pet parents are away. As owners, knowing you are leaving your babies in great care…in their own environment, gives you the peace of mind where you can fully enjoy your time away.

We are all here to help and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

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Welcome to the forum @KatieH!

I’m not sure if it was you I chatted to on Instagram about THS a while back when we were housesitting in Tenby?

I went to University in Hull and abseiled off the Humber Bridge while I was there so I do know North Ferriby. In fact a friend of mine used to live there.

We’ve done some wonderful housesits as a family. My boys are now 13 and 11 and love caring for all the animals we get to look after.

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Hi Katie, and welcome!

You live in a lovely area! I used to live in Hull and subsequently, Beverley. Hope you manage to find plenty of wonderful sits in East Yorkshire! x

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Wow, what a small world!

Beverley is lovely. We often walk our dog on the Westwood and enjoy a mooch around the shops! x

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Hi Debbie,

Yes, it’s me! Work and school holidays took over so we’re only just looking back into joining!

Wow, I can’t even walk over the Humber Bridge, so you’re brave abseiling over it!x

Thank you so much for the lovely welcome!

Welcome! I’m born and raised in York and many moons ago as a junior sales assistant worked a few times as cover in Hull’s Debenham’s!
It’s a great lifestyle spending time with some wonderful fur babies and seeing new places. I only joined mid May myself but have done 3 sits so far with another 4 before the year end. Starting near Venice next week.


Hi @richten1 I miss that Debenhams!

Wow, it certainly sounds like you’re on a roll! Have a fab time in Venice!

@KatieH it was a long time ago! I don’t think I could do it now!

I’m glad you’ve found the forum. I’m always happy to answer any questions about housesitting as a family as you and your family sound very much like us

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@richten1 I hope you’ll share some photos of your sit near Venice! What animals will you be caring for?

@Debbie. 2 cats this time. I’m allergic to some dogs so tend to look after cats mainly. 7 cats I’ve sat for via THS so far.
I’ll try and share some pics.

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