Hello from gorgeous York, England!

Hi all
I’m Stef and have been with TH a while, but only recently found the forum - such are my computer navigation skills! : o
I live alone in a flat and having recently retired, found myself climbing the walls from boredom! I’ve always had a busy life - running my own business, raising kids, doing up houses and moving on, but now I’m in the latter stages of life, I feel rather useless. : ((
Then I found TH…. I originally intended to do sits in Italy, because I love it there, but then COVID struck and everything changed didn’t it? But that turned out to be no bad thing because it made me see more of GB! Then price of petrol shot up and I’ve had to reduce the distance I’m prepared to travel somewhat. So I now look for specific dog types to sit for - ones that are active, high energy and a little bit nutty are the best! That way they make me get up off my lazy bum and out moving, regardless of the weather!!
Anyway, if any of you ever find yourselves sitting ‘up north’ it would be great to meet for coffee and exchange stories, just give me a heads up on here!
Happy sitting! ; )


Hi @steffie and welcome to the forum! Yes, I think we have all experienced the change COVID has had on our lives…travel has become so stressful…COVID and airline issues alike, but hoping this all changes for the better soon!

I love your idea of wanting to meet up with folks in your area, and if you would like to organize a meetup, you can do so by heading into Travel, Meetups & Events - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum and setting up your own. It’s such a great idea to reach out and meet fellow pet lovers!

Good luck, and make sure you let us know how you did!


Hi @Steffie I was born and grew up in York but now live in Gloucestershire. I’m a sitter too along with my husband and 2 sons. I definitely plan to housesit in or near York some time, and would love to meet up! However we keep finding lots of other interesting and beautiful parts of the UK to housesit. We’ve been to Scotland Wales and a few different parts of England this year and cared for dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, ducks and geese.

Thanks for the reply Debbie.
York won’t have changed much over the years I reckon - so you’ll still know your way around it if you pop up here again.
Yes, I’ve done a sit on the Welsh border and one near the Cotswolds, and a super one up near Bedale - great to have an excuse to go to different places isn’t it?!. I’ve sat for chickens, dogs, cats & tortoise, and twice I’ve handled three dogs - on my own, no mean feat!! I dare say it’s a bit more fun with a partner, but I started doing sits to get me out - living alone can be very isolating.
Anyway, yes, do drop me a line if you’re ever lucky enough to be up north again!:blush:


Hi @Steffie. Another sitter born and raised in York (mainly Dunnington) but left about 14 years ago and London based. I was in York for a couple of days in April. Was sad to see how many empty shops along Coney Street there was.

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Hi richten
Yes, sign of the times I guess - so many businesses closing. I was gutted when we lost Carluccio’s and John Lewis……but York does so well attracting tourists by always having stuff going on - Food Festivals, Art Fests, Ice Weekend, the races - it’s the tourists that are keeping us afloat. I actually Petsit to escape all the tourists and leave them to it! Have to admit, a few days in London is enough for me! Do you Petsit a lot?

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Hi @Steffie
Welcome to the forum. What a busy life you’ve led.
I’m retired and have had a busy life (minus raising kids) with lots of jobs and interests. I’ve rented out my house and am full time housesitting. Would you ever consider that? It brings in an income. I don’t worry about petrol costs as that’s about all I pay for (obviously food, but I’d pay for that anyway) and the occasional hotel in between sits as necessary. I’ve never been happier! What do you think?


@Steffie. Since I joined THS in mid May I’ve done 5 sits with a month in Athens to come next week and a short 8 day stay near Ipswich in December! I have been fortunate to do sits near Copenhagen and Venice (Italy) so far. I’m lucky enough to be able to work remotely.

Hi Steffie. This is Patty and I live in your sister city. York, Pa, USA. I’ve always wanted to visit your town and hope to next year!

Hi Steffie,

Welcome to our community forum thank you for joining us from beautiful York, England … a city I have always wanted to visit but never quite made it there.

What would you say are the 5 top things to do, see or discover about York, we can always go by the travel website but recommendations from those who really know a place are far more valuable …




Can’t wait to hear more …

Thank you.


What a beautiful town!

Hi Stef,
We love Housesitting for some of the reasons you mentioned. If it wasn’t for Housesitting I don’t think my husband would leave his chair.
We may be in York in January, would love to connect.

Hi Janet
Well it would definitely be good to connect with you if you’re in my neck of the woods in January. Perhaps drop me a line nearer the time and I’ll look forward to meeting you!
: ))


Hi Angela
There are so many things to do in York -
Visit the beautiful Minster & do the inside tour & roof walk -don’t forget the Roman ghosts in the crypt(!)
Walk the city walls - great way to see York.
Admire the quirky shops in The Shambles.
Do the Ghost Walk tour, The Cat walk, the Snickleways Walk…guides are available.
Stroll around the market stalls & grab a bargain.
Take a peek in The Treasurers House & garden.
Visit Bettys for afternoon tea.(of course!)
The Art Gallery & Railway Museum are fab - and free!
Stroll through Museum gardens and along the river……take a river cruise or hire a boat.
And finally - there are sooo many fab eateries you’ll be spoilt for choice!
If you visit late in the year there’s the Xmas market and the Ice Festival (snow machines throw out snow down Stonegate!) and hopefully the Light Festival will be back this year too!
I could go on……I adore my city!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Steffie I want to visit and I want to visit NOW!!!

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Oooh, not sure I’d want to do Sitting full time - I quite like being able to just escape every now and then! I find when I get home it’s almost a relief to be in my own company and chill - and not have to get up early to walk a pooch (or three) in the rain!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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@Steffie Good suggestions. You forget how much York has to offer when you lived there for decades! Tried the chocolate story in Kings Square with my 7 and 9 year old neice and nephew. Interesting journey through mainly Rowntrees but a little but about cadbury with some chocolate making involved at the end!