Hello from Yorkshire - UK

Hello from the great county of North Yorkshire in the UK.
We live a few miles from the beautiful city of York in an attractive village immersed in open countryside.
We have a very comfortable barn conversion with a large garden.
Our menagerie include Holly the Springer spaniel, Tigger and Sox, the resident cats, Merlin, Willow and Walnuts the delightful pet rabbits, 4 hens and a tropical fish tank.
I’ve been a member of Trustedhousesitter since 2015 and over the years we’ve had some wonderful sitters.
I look forward to share our house and pets with more caring and like-minded people!



Hi @Luisa55 Luisa, Welcome to the forum!

I was born and grew up in York, but have lived in Gloucestershire for over 20 years now. I’m always drawn to sits in North Yorkshire, as I love to return and show my boys their Yorkshire heritage!

Your menagerie sound wonderful - we love a busy sit with different animals to care for. We’ve cared for lots of dogs cats and chickens, and on our most recent sit we cared for 3 rabbits for the first time. I’ll have to keep a look out for your listing.


Hi Debbie, thanks for your message. If you’re interested, my listing is live.
All the best

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This would be a great one for you and the family Debbie if the dates fit….if not maybe in the future

Hi Luisa
Welcome to the Forum. What a lovely home and menagerie you have. Great location as well! I can imagine you’ve been very popular with sitters.

Hi Smiley, thanks for the welcome. I’ve never had a problem in finding a sitter before but this time I had no replies at all. Maybe is still the COVID effect or the relatively short sit. Anyway it’s good to be part of the community again!
All the best

Sadly we can’t do your dates this time. We can only travel in school holidays with 2 boys at school and I work in a school. It sounds a lovely sit so I have saved your listing so I’ll be notified when you add new dates in the future.

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Yes I think the Covid effect still has something to do with it

Hi @Luisa55 As you’ve already noticed, owners are not having the same experience with sitter applications as has happened in the past. For that reason, I suggest some tweaks that won’t take much time but may help:

  • Interestingly, you refer to your 13-day sit as a relatively short sit. I’ve recently seen owners ask if they should split a 12-day sit as it was so long. Sitters are as varied as the sits, so don’t focus too much on the length. There’s a good match for every sit out there.
  • Headlines draw people in, and each word counts. Other than explaining it’s in Yorkshire, there’s nothing in your heading that can’t be figured out by what’s below the photo. Use the headline to focus on your best features.
  • I would remove the ‘sitters need a car’ tag. You have mentioned many options for not needing one, and also that you would consider allowing the use of yours. Many sitters will immediately pass by any sits with that tag.
  • You have a large property and so it’s best to mention if you have someone who will take care of grass cutting, the flowerbeds, and the vegetable garden. Otherwise, a sitter may wonder if they are expected to care for these.
  • Remove the mention at the end to the September crops, as it’s not relevant for this sit. Homeowners sometimes forget to adjust their listing from one sit to another.
  • I would add a photo of one of the bedrooms. Sitters like to see their options for areas they will be using. I don’t think you need all three bedrooms, but one would help. Pick the most attractive one. :wink:
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Hi Snowbird,

Thank you very much for your comments, all very useful and relevant. I’ve made some changes as you suggested. Let’s wait and see what happens.
All the best


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How do you save a listing so that you are notified if it comes up in the future?

Hi @sailorgirl, you can save / favourite a listing by clicking on the little heart in the top right hand corner of the picture. If you do this on the app, you will get a notification message on your phone when the homeowner adds new dates.

Thank you! I didn’t realize that you had to mark them on the app as well.