Hello from Yorkshire, UK

Hello Everyone, it’s David and Cath from Leeds, Yorkshire in the north of England.

We’re new to the site and looking forward to house and pet sitting in Europe and the UK. We love cats, dogs, and chickens. Our own cat gets very grumpy when we’re away even for a night so we know how much love and attention your pets need. Cath is also particularly adept at chicken dancing, like a Pied Piper for poultry! We regularly dog sit for a lively spaniel in Northumberland who greets us like long-lost friends each time. We’re in our early 60s, looking for new adventures, experiencing different cultures, and meeting new people and pets.

We’re currently available for a 3-5 weeks sit in Europe early in 2022, so check out our profile and please get in touch!


Hello David and Cath and welcome :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello Dave and Cath and welcome from Shropshire, we are HOs living at the top of the Ironbridge Gorge :blush:

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Hello David and Cath from Leeds, welcome to our community forum thank you for joining the forum and TrustedHousesitters

I would love to see that video Cath!! :sweat_smile: :rooster: :chicken:

Enjoy connecting with other members and please ask any questions you may have … our community are helpful and very informative, there are great articles on the website blog as well.

Thank you again for joining and we look forward to sharing in your new THS adventure and some funking chicken moves Cath.

Angela and the Team

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Hello @Dash and welcome to the forum.
Best wishes in your wonderful new adventures.

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No pressure there, Cath :joy:

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Hello and welcome David and Cath. We’re a housesitting family of 4 living in Gloucestershire, but I was born and raised in York, and my Grandma was from Leeds.